High End Beauty Haul

Hey guys!

Last month I was lucky enough to get a few high-end products that I wanted to share with you guys today! If you know me, I love everything on a budget so getting these products was a real luxury for me so let’s get into what I bought!

Illamasqua Matte Veil Primer

This is a product that I have heard about quite a bit around the beauty scene online so I was interested in picking it up. It has a gel-like consistency but blends away to what feels like almost nothing on the skin which is nice as I find some primers to feel very thick and heavy on the skin. It has silicon in it which is activating when the product is massaged into the skin. Bonus as it means you get an excuse to give yourself a face massage before you put on your makeup in the morning – winner! As for it doing its actual primer duties, I have tried this out a few times and actually really liked the finish that it gave my makeup and how it kept my makeup on throughout the day!

Giovanni 2chic Leave-in Conditioning and Styling Elixir

This product doesn’t come with the ‘high-end’ price tag that the rest of them do but as I had never heard of this brand, let alone the product before I thought I would give it a try! This is another gel like product that you apply to the mid-to-ends of your hair and is supposed to help with styling. It is enriched with avocado and olive oil to condition. I would say I noticed a difference in the softness of my hair after using this but I don’t feel like it made it any easier to style.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I cannot stop talking about this product. This is hands down the BEST moisturiser I have ever used in my whole entire life (that may only be 19 years but I’ve tried A LOT of moisturisers!) The consistency is a lotion texture that just glides onto the skin so wonderfully. It is fully absorbed in about 3 minutes and I use it morning and evening. It leaves the skin feeling soft and dewy and just all round bliss.
You can see my review for this here.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

I have been desperate to try another Benefit mascara since I’ve had the Benefit They’re Real which I love. I chose the Bad Gal Lash for the fact that it has a very stereotypical plastic, cone-shaped wand and I was interested to see what going back to basics would be like seeing as there are THOUSANDS of wands to choose from now. I think this mascara is nice but I wouldn’t rave it as anything particularly special. It can also tend to flake onto my lower lash line if you wear it for a particularly long time which can be a little annoying too!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in 8 Pink In Confidence

This is it. We’ve hit the show stopper. These may be one of the most iconic lipstick tubes in the world and the second I saw this I knew I HAD to have it. Firstly, the packaging. Wow – it feels like it’s been made from pure gold. It is so heavy and solid that it just feels expensive in your hand (which you would expect as it is expensive!) The foluma is beautiful as well as it just glides on the lips so nicely and adds a wonderful pink sheen onto your lips. This is such a treat for me and I know I will have this lipstick for years to come in my collection – even if it is just the tube!

You can see more of my opinions on these products in my video here!



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