Christmas in London


London, or any other major city at Christmas time is really a sight to behold. As I’m lucky enough to be there around the time of Christmas, after visiting Winter Wonderland, I thought I would go out armed with my camera and take on the flashing lights of central London.

First stop was Oxford Street. This was the emptiest I have ever seen Oxford Street as normally you can’t walk a few steps without being taken out with shopping bags or smacked in the face with a tourist map.
The lights this year were a mixture of gold and silver balls and some stars which can be sponsored and personalised to represent the NSPCC Little Star’s charity which was a lovely and personal touch to the christmas decorations.

Apart from the street lights and twinkle covered trees, the shop displays themselves are a festive spectacle. Each store front is adorned with millions of fairy lights and beautiful trees. House of Frazer is covered in miles of lights which makes it radiate along the whole street. My personal favourite was the John Lewis windows (bottom left) which had Boxer the Dog from their famous christmas advert in many different senarios.

Following on from Oxford Street, we (I was with my friend Susie who features in the bottom right of the middle picture) made our way to see the Christmas Angels on Regent Street. These are by far my favourite lights display I have ever seen in my life. They have such a presence on the street as their luminous wings engluf the width of the entire street.

Finally, we walked along the well known Carnaby Street. This year’s theme was the Carnaby Christmas Revolution which lined the street with large banners proclaiming ‘LOVE’, ‘HOPE’ and ‘WISH’. This area of central London can get looked over a lot so I love that even these less commonly known streets have their own Christmas celebrations.


I hope you enjoyed my run down of Christmas in London and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!



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