An Evening at Winter Wonderland


This is my second adventure to Winter Wonderland in my life. The first time I went ice skating and by the time that was finished all the rides and stalls were closing so I didn’t really get to see a lot of it. This year, however, I was at the gates as the sun went down (it’s a better experience at night) with camera in hand.

If you don’t know what Winter Wonderland is, it is an attraction in London’s Hyde Park that happens every year around December and this year it is celebrating its 10th year of running so it is the biggest and best yet!

Our first stop was to the Bavarian Village which is where the main food and drink areas are located. There were HUNDREDS of people there eating, drinking and being merry (maybe some a little too merry!) With hog roasts, beer steins and in my opinion a completely acceptable amount of fairy light, this was definitely one of my favourite areas of Winter Wonderland. There was a man singing some Christmas songs live (pictured) who was particularly fond of my camera and the limelight!

Our next stop was the market stalls. Angels Market has everything from giant chocolate cookies to ornaments made from CocaCola cans. (Christmas present shopping galore!) Each stall has the same layout but vendors add decorations and music which creates this wonderful, buzzing atmosphere. You can feel the passion some of these people have for their wares and I was so inspired by their creativity.


For me, it’s never a Christmas market without some Nutella covered Churros… img_0339

But sadly some came to an early death due to frozen fingers and clumsy me!

The rides are a key attraction to Winter Wonderland and are scattered throughout the park. Whilst we didn’t go on any, they are a sight in themselves to see due to the sheer scale of them as well as the jaw-dropping illuminations. This year there was the ‘world’s largest portable roller coaster’ which contained 5 loops (it’s a no from me!) as well as a Christmas Haunted House which, to be honest, I’m still not too sure how that works.

If you’ve never been to Winter Wonderland and ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it. It’s a completely immersive experience of Christmassy, illuminated magic which makes you feel like you’ve truly stepped into some kind of wonderland.




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