SixPlus 12 Piece Brush Set Review & GIVEAWAY


Hey guys

I was recently contacted by a lovely brand called SixPlus and they wanted me to try out their brushes so I could share them with you! It’s a 12 piece brush set that you can use to do the whole face with (perfect right?) So let’s get into these brushes a bit more shall we?


The brushes come in this travel case with makes them so easy to use on the go! It has 5 brush slots and then a deeper open area for you to put the rest of the larger face brushes. This set also comes with 5 brush guards that you can use to put over the bristles when you’re traveling to stop them getting ruined.


Like I said, there are 12 brushes in this kit altogether which works out at about £2 a brush which, considering the quality of them is pretty amazing! They have a heavy plastic handle with a rose golden metal sections that the bristles are weaved into. The main face brushes are a very soft synthetic hair and the three eye brushes (we’ll get into these a bit later) are made of horsehair. They feel very comfortable in the hand and allow you have complete control when using them which is a necessity for brushes in my opinion!

There are 5 main face brushes in this kit.
(Left to right)
1. Powder brush – very soft and mobile, picks up the perfect amount of product.
2. Rounded foundation brush – sturdy but movable bristles buffs and blends liquid foundation nicely, possibly a little small for the whole face.
3. Angled blush brush – I love this brush for contouring. It is the perfect shape and because the bristles aren’t very dense, it blends powders away flawlessly.
4. Highlight brush – I wouldn’t use this for highlighting powder as the bristles are denser and have more of a kabuki brush texture. This brush, however, does a wonderful job of buffing away concealer.
5. Small highlight brush – I would never have thought to use this brush as a highlighting brush but I must hold my hands up and say – BOY I was wrong! I flipping love this brush as a highlight. It applies powders very naturally to the skin but with a great pigment payoff.

Next are the eye brushes – the three brown brushes are made of horsehair so not vegan-friendly sadly 😦 but all the other ones are!
1. Larger eyeshadow brush – this round-headed brush is great for applying shadow all over the lid space and the soft bristles aren’t harsh on the delicate eye skin.
2. Medium eyeshadow brush – similar to the larger brush but allows you to place shadows more precisely because of it’s smaller size.
3. Small eyeshadow brush – this brush has bristles that are a little shorter and these make it great as a lower lashline smudger brush.
4. Blending pencil brush – the pointy edge of this brush lets you add colour exactly where you want as well as lets you do some really detailed blending. I think this brush is quite unique in the fact that it’s quite small but I like that.

There are two smaller detailing brushes in this kit as well.
1. Eyebrow brush – this brush says that it is an eyebrow brush, but I personally think it is too big to be an eyebrow brush. This is a good brush for smudging liner though which is what I use it for.
2. Eyeliner brush – this liner brush is a slightly different shape from liner brushes that I’ve seen before. The small, long, rigid bristles are perfect for gel or cream liners. It applies product so beautifully.

The final brush in this kit is a portable lip brush. This skinny brush makes applying lipstick so easy and because of it’s case means that top-ups on the go are made easy.

You can also see me try these brushes HERE.

Watch this video to find out how to win your very own set of brushes!


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