Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends 2016

Hey guys!

So with the global Fashion Weeks in full flow, I’ve been keeping track of all the trends that have been hitting the runways as well as the high street. Obviously, some of the runway looks at Fashion Weeks are a more eclectic style but I love getting inspired and then translating that into what we have available to us on the high street!

I’ve been scoping through the shops (online of course) and made a small collection of some of the pieces that I think translate the trends for this seasonal change so let’s get started!


Animal Print

This is a trend that you’re either going to get really into or leave on the runway. Animal print can be notoriously hard to pull off but I think the pieces that I’ve picked are a much more classy and sophisticated way to wear the print. Animal print is always going to be a statement item no matter where you wear it so I went with these as I feel they would be the easiest to pair and accessorize with! Also, lots of people think that animal print is just leopard spots but that is not the case and there are many other prints (snake, zebra, cheetah, giraffe) that will work with the trend as well!

(Left to right)
Dress • ASOS £38
Top • Urban Outfitters £32
Dress • Topshop £59.99
Shoes • River Island £22
Jacket • Zara £59.99


Blooming Floral Prints

Floral prints are on trend most of the year but this autumn/winter the main trend is that the flowers are oversized. This trend can be translated through a multitude of different ways including printed straight on the fabric, an ironed on decal or appliqued or embroidered on. The bold floral design can be easily paired with simple basic pieces like jeans or dressed up with a skirt and heels to take a piece from day to night. I think this trend is a very sophisticated way to wear floral as sometimes it can be a little childish or difficult to style

(Left to right)
Boots • Miss Selfridge £85
Jumper • H&M £12.99
Jacket • Forever 21 £27
Jumper • Bershka £19.99
Top • River Island £35



This trend comes around every year and every year I love it more and more! Burgundy is a great colour on pretty much everyone and goes beautifully with so many other colours as well which makes it exceptionally easy to style. I chose some real basic pieces in order to keep the variety but if you go to any shop on the high street now, they will have a endless supply of burgundy clothes for you to feast your eyes upon!

(Left to right)
Jumper • Bershka £14.99
Dress • Forever 21 £19
Boots • Pull & Bear £25.99
Bag • H&M £29.99



The next trend which is everywhere at the moment is the metallic trend. This trend is very versatile in the way it is pulled off because clothes can be completely metallic or have metallic accents of metallic thread running through it. Metallic accents or accessories are a great way to subtly introduce this trend to your wardrobe like the shoes or backpack I’ve picked here. I love this trend but I’m not sure how confident I would be in pulling it off. Whatever metallic piece you may pick up this season, it will definitely be the signature of any outfit.

(Left to right)
Shoes • River Island £35
Quilted Jacket • Topshop £60
Dress • ASOS £26
Leggings • Pull & Bear £12.99
Backpack • Bershka £15.99


Khaki / Olive Tones

The other tone or colour palette that is very popular this season is the khaki green or olive tones. Khaki is such a wonderful colour as it is complemented by lots of the other trends on this list but also can be mixed and matched on its own which can be difficult to do with these other trends. Many styles in these colours are quite structured due to the nature of the colour being related to military wear (that’s a hint to the next trend) but it is a very flattering tone and can be dressed up or down very easily.

(Left to right)
Shirt • H&M £14.99
Trousers • New Look £17.99
Dress • River Island £45
Jumpsuit • New Look £24.99



See! Told you it was a hint! Another trend that comes back around into fashion during the autumn-winter months is the military trend. This means lots of structure, metal hardware and royal, rich tones. Military screams for formal wear but there are plenty of ways to wear military casually on a day-to-day basis! The pieces I’ve picked I think can be put under both umbrellas as they could be paired with a crisp, white shirt and made to look very formal or could be paired with a slouchy white tee to chill them out.

(Left to right)
Trousers •  Zara £39.99
Jacket • Topshop £49
Boots • Zara £89.99
Skirt • New Look £24.99



Pleats are such a wonderful trend because it’s a great way to add texture into an outfit without going too overboard. I love the way that pleats move on the body and create volume to an outfit that could otherwise be quite simple. Pleats can often be a little daunting, especially if they’re small and there are lots of them but there are very flattering on many body types as if you have a very small frame, they add lots of body and if you have a larger frame, it skims over the body beautifully! I would recommend pleats to anybody!

(Left to right)
Top • New Look £19.99
Mint Skirt • Urban Outfitters £49
Leather Skirt • New Look £24.99
Culottes • Bershka £22.99



The final trend I have seen on the runways is velvet. Much like pleats, this is a great way to add texture to an outfit. Brushes velvet is so multi-dimensional that it creates some beautiful effects which means it can change what a piece looks like slightly every time you wear it! I adore the velvet trend so I found it very difficult to cut it down to just these top four pieces. Every shop on the high street have a million different things in velvet textures so if none of these things take you fancy, definitely go out for an explore because it’s such a wonderful trend that I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like in a velvet fabric.

(Left to right)
Dress • Urban Outfitters £34
Boots • Topshop £82
Blazer • New Look £19.99
Jumpsuit • Bershka £25.99

So these are all of the trends that I’ve spotted this year that I’ve taken a real liking too. If any of these trends interest you, let me know down below in the comments. The shops are jam packed full of all of these trend and more so if you are interested in getting some of these trends – get shopping!



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