30 Day Makeup Challenge • Week 4

30 Day Makeup Challenge Week 4

Hey guys!

So we are finally here in the last week of this challenge! I’ve had so much fun doing this challenge and it’s really pushed my creativity with makeup! This week had a mixed bag of looks thrown into it which I really like. Although this is the 30 Day Makeup Challenge, I only completed 28 makeup looks because I wanted to keep the consistency of 7 makeup looks per blog post and didn’t want to have to over crowd this one! So let’s get into the final 7 makeup looks!

Day 1.
Blue Lagoon

I’m blue da-bo-de-da-bo-di.

As with a previous look that called for blue eyeshadow, I was a bit apprehensive about how this look would transfer onto my skin and eye colour but I like it. I took lagoon as making it smokey and around the eye and then added the metallic shade into the centre as if it was reflecting water! I kept the rest of the look shimmery with a neutral lip.

Day 2.
Disco Tech

Think every colour under the sun, it’s probably in here.


I’ve added this extra picture today to give you a close-up view of the eye makeup because I think it’s harder to see in the other ones. For this look, I went about as disco as you can get. A silver shadow all across the lid with a could-cut-a-man eyeliner flick paired with a rainbow lower lash line. For lips, I chose a fire engine red with a hint of orange in the centre (possibly the only time I will ever use said orange lipstick!) I think this look is so fun and different but could be adapted to many occasions like Pride!

Day 3.
I wanna be famous

Oh, my beloved bronze tones

I think famous? I think Beyonce. I scrolled through Queen Bey’s Instagram and came across this bronzy looks she tends to sport a lot and loved it! It is right up my street so I went full on bronzed goddess (again!) The face is full on glow, the eyes are full on glam and the lips harmonise by being full on glossy, what’s not to love?
I did a full makeup tutorial look for this on my YouTube if you’d like to see that then just click HERE!

Day 4.

Sculpt, highlight, chisel and everything in between!

If Day 3 was Beyonce, then Day 4 is certainly Kim Kardashian! I chiseled for the gods in this look. I tend to contour lightly on a daily basis (the curse of double chins) but for this makeup, I went full on. I baked under my eyes, bronzed my whole face, contoured my cheekbones and jawline, baked under my contour, set that all with powder and THEN got on to the rest of my face. I kept the eyes and lips very simple as I wanted the main emphasis of the look to be on the contour.

Day 5.
Bright times

I had my eyes on that line of blue shadows from the day this challenge started.

You can’t say I do things in halves! Shortly after I finished this look, NASA called because it was THAT bright. I took the only neon shades I had and blended them onto my eyelid. I started with a blue in the crease, a purple in the outer corner and finished with a hot pink in the inner corner. For the skin, I went with a fresh, dewy finish with lots of highlight and a shimmery blush. I thought it would be difficult to find a lip colour that would pair well with this look but then this beauty popped out at me (It’s too bright to miss!) and it was like a match made in heaven.

Day 6.

Keeping it simplee, smokey and ombred.

Even the word ombre fills my heart with glee so when this popped up as one of the prompts, I was extra excited to get started! I stuck to my regular face routine and took the theme of ombre across the eyes and lips. I went with a smokey brown ombre on the lid, starting with a pale nude on the inner corner and darkened out to a chocolate brown on the outer corner. To ombre the lips, I added a dark matte plum to the outer edges and used my finger to blend that in towards the centre before finishing with a matte pink in the centre and I love the look it gives! Possibly one of my favourite looks of the whole challenge!

Day 7.

I needed a bit of assistance with this one, here’s looking at you falsies!

So it’s the final day and the final prompt! I’ve been blessed with quite long eyelashes anyway but I thought that I could double that and go extra lashy for the final day. I repeated my fresh faced look to keep all the focus on the eyes. Over the lids, I placed a shimmery champagne with a hint of taupe in the crease. I kept it light so that the false lashes paired with heaps of mascara would really stand out against the lid. I finished with a glossy lip and with that, the makeup challenge was over!

So that was my 30 (28) day makeup challenge! I thoroughly enjoyed it and if you are finding yourself stuck in a rut with makeup or are new to makeup I definitely recommend you try it as it increases your techniques so much and gives you a really new approach to makeup! You can catch up with the other weeks below if you missed them and thank you so much for following this challenge!

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