My trip to Titanic Quarter, Belfast


Hey guys!

So my next touristing trip in my homeland of Northern Ireland was to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. *History lesson time!* If you didn’t already know the famous ship, the RMS Titanic that sank tragically in the North American Ocean in 1912, was built in Belfast. They have now made this wonderful museum in homage to the ship in the very shipyard it was built. I thought this was a definite thing to tick off on the tourist list!


The building itself is absolutely beautiful and a snap-happy tourist’s dream (i.e. me.) The traditional photo was a must do outside the building.

Although it’s classed as a museum, it is certainly not a ‘stand and stare at pictures for hours’ museum. It’s heavily interactive with many beautiful displays that you can actually become involved in. It starts with the history of Belfast, something I found very interesting as although I’ve grown up around Belfast my whole life I certainly did not know a lot about it!

It also takes you through the building of the Titanic and how it came about. There are very interesting snapshots from people who built the ship itself as well as an interactive cable-car style ride (I thoroughly recommend!) It then continues onto the launching of the ship with many artefacts recovered from the ship or survivors.

There are displays of the interiors of the ship and what they would have looked like as well as newspaper articles from along the way on its voyage.

Obviously, if you know the story of the Titanic (if not from history, from the film) you know that it came to a very sad end. There are some beautifully done displays and exhibits recalling the final moments of the ship and what was being said. It was heartwrenching but also fascinating to see exactly what real people do in a time of utter despair.


Outside the building there is a walkway showing the exact size that the Titanic would have been and nearby to the museum is the Titanic Studios. This is where parts of Game of Thrones is filmed (name drop!) and other such TV and films.


I always joked how the Titanic, which failed and sank, was Belfast’s biggest claim to fame. But after being to the museum you can see that although the ship itself didn’t make it, the processes leading up to it and what it did for Northern Ireland was a triumphant success!
If you are ever visiting Belfast, I do definitely suggest this museum as a stop along the way.

If you like to see my other tourist action, you can see that here. Or if you’d to see my Summer Bucket list where this whole idea came from you can click here!



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