30 Day Makeup Challenge • Week 3

30 Day Makeup Challenge Week 3.jpg

Hey guys!

So we’re over the halfway point in this challenge now and I’m happy to report that I am still really loving it! If you haven’t already, you can catch up with Week 1 and Week 2 here. There were some titles this week that called for some very casual looks and some called for very ‘out there’ looks. We started the week with the most ‘out there’ look of them all…

Day 1.
Fancy Dress

The left-hand side of the picture represents the makeup used on the left hand side of my face (your right) and the right hand side shows the other.

Yes, I could have done a cat. I could have done a doll. But where’s the fun in that? I went about as full on for this look as you could go. I even missed lunch to keep doing this makeup (and trust me, that’s saying something!) I love the look of the ‘Day of the Dead’ skull and whilst I don’t really understand the history of it – I absolutely adore the aesthetic of it so while it is fancy dress in a sense, I feel like the word fancy could be taken in many different ways for this one.

Day 2.
Bold is gold

Whilst this make appear a colourful look, I only used 3 shades in this eyeshadow palette.

I gave out a little happy shriek when I read the word gold in this title because I LOVE gold on the lids. These yellow-y, golden tones really complement my (and lots of other) eye shades so I knew I would enjoy this look. I went quite dark with a black eyeshadow which is unlike me but this look called for bold so it got it! I kept up the golden on my cheeks with bronzer and a golden highlighter but kept the lips simple with a nude.

Day 3.
Memoirs of a geisha

The translucent powder with the star of this makeup show!

Coming from Northern Ireland, I’m as pale as they come but I did pale my skin down even further for this look as a nod towards the geisha style. If you’d have told me to do pink eyeshadow with a red lip I probably would have gagged in my mouth, but I actually kind of dig it. I think it’s really interesting how they seem to work despite being so close in colour. I also love this style of winged liner which is much flatter than I would normally go (I usually flick mine up to the heavens!) so this is definitely something I will be trying out more. Not sure about the babydoll lip shape though, I’ll maybe leave that trend to the geishas.

Day 4.
Fresh off the runway

A much more simplistic look than the others so far.

I’ve been trying my best to keep up with what’s been on the runways for the upcoming season not only in the fashion department but also in the makeup department. The main three I spotted were dewy skin, lashes and a messily applied lip in a bold colour. So that is exactly what we went with! I really like the dewy face makeup with no bronzer or contour, I feel it makes me look much more awake which is good as my eye bags are quickly becoming bags for life! I applied some individual lashes on the outer edges of my eyes to give them a fluttery look and then dabbed the dark colour into the centre of my lips and used my finger to sweep it over the rest of my lips.

Day 5.
Here comes the bride

Light, shimmery colours with flawless skin! And the all important setting spray!

Bridal makeup is one of those things that is so completely personal to the individual so I thought I would go for a more generic look for this one. In saying that, I would TOTALLY rock this look at my wedding – I think it’s gorgeous! A light brown and champagne eye paired with a glossy pink lip and flawless skin is always a winner in my books whether it’s the big day or a day in the office.

Day 6.

That little pot on the left above the lipstick is where all the magic happens.

I went for this most subtle glittery look today as I’d recently done a full-on glittery look. I linked a soft purple eye with a purple lip and dabbed a little of this multicoloured glitter onto the centre of the lids and lips. It gave the look a really light sparkle rather than an intense one and I really enjoyed that! (PS no matter how little glitter you put on, you will still always find some for at LEAST the next 3-5 working days!)

Day 7.
Crazy lines


Bronzy, lashy and geometric.


I was going for ‘trippy’ with this look and I think it worked pretty well. I was heavily inspired by geometric shapes and lines and wanted to create some kind of eye look based purely on that. I really like the effect of the double line above and underneath the eye and the boxiness of the liner. I added some extra geometric lines to the lips to make the look appear more cohesive and finished with a statement lips. Very runway if I do say so myself!

So that was all the looks from this week’s challenge! Make sure to subscribe on the right so you can get a notification every time I post so you don’t miss anything exciting and I will see you next week for the final week of the 30 Day Makeup Challenge!
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