30 Day Makeup Challenge • Week 2

30 Day Makeup Challenge Week 2.jpg

Hello everyone!

If you were around last week, you will have seen I have started a 30-day makeup challenge over the month of July! You can see Week 1 here! This week the titles got a little crazier and with that, I got a little more adventurous so let’s get stuck right in!

Day 1.
Turn Back Time

I used bronze and muted tones for the face to add more impact to the dark eye.

I absolutely love the 60’s era and that heavily inspired this makeup look. I love the muted tones linked with the bold, cut crease. This would certainly not be an everyday look for me but I really enjoyed playing around with products in a way I never had before!

Day 2.
Femme Fatale

Dark, smokey and bold.

I didn’t really know what Femme Fatale meant but I thought ‘What would a badass, confident woman wear on a day to day basis?’ So we went with it! I’m always cautious about using blue shadows on my eyes as I have blue eyes and I’m never sure whether it will help or hinder the colour but I actually really like how this smokey blue/grey turned out. Pairing it with this crazy red lip was another bold move but I was in the mindset of a badass, independent woman so I went with it!

Day 3.
I’m a Barbie Girl

What’s the first thing you think of when you think Barbie? Pink? Yeah, me too.

Think pink. This was a pretty obvious one for me but again, a challenge because unless it’s a muted lipstick I NEVER wear pink. I did like the glitter on the lids and I’d never done a tiny wing like this and I love it so those are some things I’ll definitely try again. I think I’ll be leaving the bright pink, glossy lip right here though…

Day 4.
Favour Me

This is a snapshot of a very typical Lisa dressing table.

Much like with ‘Femme Fatale’, nothing really jumped into my head when I saw this title so I just did a look that ‘favours me’ i.e. I like it. A lot of this challenge has been about getting outside my comfort zone but sometimes it’s nice to just step back inside the cosy box and get yourself acquainted again. So that’s what I did, a dark taupe on the lid, a shimmery champagne on the inner corner and a nude lip. Lovely.

Day 5.
Smokey Joe

As you can tell, I’m really starting to love this ‘Affirmation’ eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution.

Smokey – pretty self-explanatory. Joe – coffee. At least that’s what I thought. So I took some coffee coloured shades (ish) and created this super simple brown smokey eye. I also did a hint of liner in my water line which is highly unlike me as well. However, brown really makes my eye colour pop so this is certainly a look I will reach for again. And again. and again!

Day 6.
Bronze Goddess

The flat lay of dreams.

So this title is basically my life goal. As an extremely pale, almost see-through Northern Irish girl, to be a bronze goddess is the real dream so I had SO much fun with this look. I must have used about half a pan on bronzer and a full pan of highlighter for this look and I’m totally okay with that. I recently smashed a bronze powder so I decided to transform it into a loose pigment and try it on the eyes and it worked a dream – definitely a new favourite pigment!

Day 7.
Green eyed monster

A rainbow love affair is occurring in this palette.

I’ll not even lie about it – this title made me reel back in horror. Green? Green makeup? Really? It was times like this that I wish I had bought those green makeup products that transform with your pH to a nice neutral colour. (If you’ve never heard of these, DEFINITELY worth a Google!) But no. I was going to have to go full on green. So I did… and I don’t completely hate it! Would I wear it again? Probably not, but I think I made it work for this rare occurrence.

So that is this week’s instalment of the 30-day makeup challenge! Which look was your favourite? See you next time!



6 thoughts on “30 Day Makeup Challenge • Week 2

    1. Thank you Hazel! Will definitely have to get myself used to the glossy pink but I do love the Femme Fatale look too!!

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