30 Day Makeup Challenge • Week 1

30 Day Makeup Challenge Week 1

Hey guys!

So this is another installment of ticking something off my bucket list. I wanted to be more adventurous with my makeup as I’ve found myself becoming stuck in a rut and wearing the same thing every day. This is not at all a bad thing, but I have so much makeup that it feels a real waste to not wear a lot of it!

I took on this 30-day makeup challenge in the hopes that it would test me to become more adventurous with my makeup and hopefully find some new looks that I will want to wear more often. I’ll be posting my weekly updates every Friday throughout the month of July so let’s get onto week 1!

Day 1.
Bare Face

The only thing I wear on a bare-faced day is moisturiser.

This was a fairly simple day for me as I like to go bare-faced a lot of the time if I’m just chilling around the house. It’s SO important to let your skin breathe and not plaster it with makeup every day, so any opportunity I get to go bare – I do!

Day 2.
Every day

These are most of the products I wear on a day-to-day basis.

My everyday look is quite skin, brow and lash heavy. I like to have glowy radiant skin and I don’t bother with a lot of fuss on the lid as I like to keep it minimal and bright. I love to have long fluttery lashes with my brows filled in and framing my face.  I tend not to wear anything on my lips as they are fairly pigmented themselves.

Day 3.


I used a lot of bronzy tones and warm-toned powders for this look with a pop of colour on the lips.


Feline to me is always going to mean a liner flick of some sort. I don’t tend to wear liner a lot as I have very small lids that liner just seems to take over so I kept this wing small and petite and I think it worked quite well! I like the bold lips paired with the simple wing.

Day 4.
Purple Haze


Glowy skin and purple lids were the themes for this look.


I took purple haze to the extreme with this one – purple lids and purple highlight. I used to wear purple and taupe eyeshadows a lot but recently I’ve found myself uninspired by that colour palette so I really enjoyed that this forced me to use them. I took the purple shadows and blended them up much further than I normally would to give it that hazy halo effect. I also love the purple highlighter on the cheeks. This is not something I would ever dream of wearing day to day but I actually kind of love it! Definitely something I’ll be reaching for more often.

Day 5.
Bright lights


Think magpie – anything glowy or shiny? It’s here.


Bright lights? Highlights? It sounds the same! Glowy, healthy skin was definitely the theme for today’s makeup. Not a matte powder to be seen. I kept it simple on the lids with a shimmery champagne, something which I am very comfortable with. Something I am also very comfortable with is highlighting but I feel like with this look I took it a step farther and went full on strobing. And I don’t hate it. My skin looks happy and healthy and at least the astronauts will always know my location when I wear this look!

Day 6.
Carribean Crush

I’ve had this rainbow palette for years but I finally got to use some untouched colours in this look.

I didn’t have anywhere to go this day so I thought I would go a bit crazy with this look and try some colours I’ve never tried before. Orange being the main one. I have a very yellow undertone to my skin so I don’t often go for yellow-based tones but this orange was too much for me to ignore for this theme. I love how it looks paired with the red in the crease and the gold shimmer on the lid. I was bold and tried a bigger wing today and I think it worked with the red dots definitely added a festival vibe to proceedings. I tapped some of that gold shadow onto the centre of the glossy, red lips to tie it together and I absolutely adore how this came out. Not exactly wearable, but very, VERY fun!

Day 7.
Four Play

This look called for four products, and four products only.

I was a little nervous about this week’s final challenge. As you can see from the everyday makeup look, I’m not a girl who travels light with makeup but I actually really enjoyed the challenge of using the same product for different things. I used my foundation and base and concealer. The eyeshadow palette acted as brows, eyeshadow, contour, face powder and highlight (god bless neutrals!) The mascara only really had it’s namesakes job, and the Benetint lip balm acted and blush and lipstick! I’ve really pleased with the overall look and has taught me the valuable lesson of less can sometimes be more!

That was the first week of makeup looks! I actually really like how they turned out! Let me know in the comments which one was your favourite look or if you’ve ever done this challenge!




26 thoughts on “30 Day Makeup Challenge • Week 1

    1. Thank you! It’s the first palette you get if you search for rainbow palette on Amazon! I don’t think it has a branded name though!

      1. hazelhappenings has said that coastal scents have their rainbow palettes on sale today if you’re interested! xx

  1. I ordered the original and the metal mania palettes for myself and my younger cousin the 78 shadow with blushes and eyeliner palette today. They slashed their prices even more so grab some!!!! 😄

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