My Summer Bucket List


Hey guys!

Another summer has come around already and I always make myself a bucket list of things that I would like to achieve over this time off. I don’t normally share this list but today I thought I would go one better and draw it as well so I would have a visual reminder of what I want to achieve before I make my way back to uni in August.
I’m sharing this with you guys as I would like to use my blog as a way of documenting all of the things on this list that I achieve this summer!


It seems like a lifetime since I’ve painted anything (about 11 months actually!) so I dawned my watercolours and got to drawing and this is what I came up with!


I’m really happy with how it came out and I want to go through each thing with you slightly more in-depth!

Revamp/Make my clothes
So I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Great British Sewing Bee at the moment (I swear I am an 80-year-old stuck in a 19-year-old body) and it has completely inspired me to start to tweak my clothes. I have lots of research to do… *snuggles down with snacks and engrosses oneself with yet ANOTHER episode* so I can perfect my stitching but I am very excited to start making things that I know no one else will have!

Blog as much as possible
I think it’s pretty fair to say I’ve been completely pants at blogging over the last few months and I’m hoping to redeem this. I’d like to turn this blog into, not only a wormhole of DIY’s, tutorials and styling videos (as fabulous as that is) but also as my little place to document, well, anything I want!

Be a tourist in my own country
I love my little landmass and moving away from it for 9 months has made me realised that I’ve barely seen any of it. Everywhere in the world has secret hidden gems in it and I’m making it my mission this summer to find all that Northern Ireland has to offer! I’m also planning on doing all the normal touristy things that Northern Ireland has to offer when I become tour guide for my friend from uni who is coming over *skips to the Giants Causeway*

Learn how to use my DSLR camera
For my 16th birthday, I got the most amazing camera and 3 years on I STILL don’t know how to use it properly. I want to learn how to use this camera to its full potential because I absolutely love taking my camera places and I feel like it’s a real waste when I come back home and half of the photos are blurry!

Do Yoga
This is one that I have already got a head start on. I went to a yoga session at the gym and was utterly hopeless at it which was very disheartening. Not only will yoga boost my ego from the 60 minutes of soul crushing twisting, it has amazing health benefits too! I’m also about as flexible as a totem pole so I want to try my best to become more flexible too. I’m following Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I find this much better, especially as a beginner as she has lots of videos for beginners but it’s definitely not as daunting as doing a class surrounded by people. (It’s also free- hurrah!)

Document my outfits more
This may seem like a silly one to some people but as a girl who loves fashion, clothes have a massive influence on my mood and how I feel about myself that day! I love trying on outfits and testing them out so I would love to start documenting my outfit choices on certain days where I’m feeling great. This means on days where I’m not feeling so great I can hop onto my instagram or here and pick an outfit to wear or make a varition of!

Say yes to everything
I am not the most outgoing person in the world. Loud? yes. But outgoing? Not so much. I love to have things planned down to the minute and have events scheduled in my diary so I know what is happening. Ask anybody – where I am, the diary is close behind. This summer I would love to say yes to everything that is going for me. Obviously I want them to be good things, but I definitely want this summer to be one of spontaneous adventures! As long as the diary can come too…

Clear out
I feel like everybody says this on their bucket list no matter what time of year it is or who they are. Everybody has that drawer (or drawers – whoops!) of crap that they just don’t need anymore. Having moved out this year, I’ve realised that there is a BUNCH of stuff in my room that I have not thought about or used in years that ‘Oh I might just hold onto this for…’ Lisa. It’s been three years and you haven’t once had to use that Forever Friends charm you got in Year 6. Let it go.

Scrapbook my first year of University
I adore the idea of scrapbooking and having a book as a way to remember a time of your life, so I have taken it upon myself to scrapbook my first year. This was such a big year for me so I collected all the bands/photos/leaflets that I could over the past year and have transported them all safely over the water to start this project. I’ve got myself fully decked in Tiger washi tape and Paperchase stickers so this is a project I’m ready to start immediately.

Run – at least 3 times a week
I’ve written that last bit as a ‘do it if viably possible’. This is another challenge that I have got myself fully involved in. I am fortunate enough to have a treadmill in my house that I have been going on three to four times a week. I aboslutely HATE running but, I figured that it’s so good for you and comes with so many amazing benefits that I may as well do it and force myself to love it! And I have to say – it’s working. The initial idea of going out and running is horrendous but when you’re doing it, the endorphins that get released honestly makes it kind of addictive! Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to take to the streets! (Don’t count your chickens.)

Watch more TV
This may seem like a funny one for many people as often they are saying the opposite but I hardly ever watch TV. I feel like I’m really missing out on some top shows that I could really get myself invested in (I feel like I’m also writing my death wish with this one). Please do send some recommendations if you have any so I would love to get myself wrapped up and started!

Be more adventurous with my makeup
I feel like I’ve got myself into a rut with my makeup and I wear the same thing every day. Whilst this is not always a bad thing – as a beauty blogger I want to branch out and try new products and fall in love with new releases like I used to! I have sent myself the 30 Day Makeup Challenge which I will be doing updates on throughout the summer here in hopes that it will give me some inspiration to try new techniques and products!


I’ve left this one to the end because I feel like it is the most important one!

Learn how to be and appreciate ME again!
One thing they don’t tell you about moving into halls or with friends at University is that you pretty much say goodbye to private time. Especially if you get on well with your flatmates. Virtually every moment is spent in the kitchen or in each other’s rooms just being in each others company. Of course, you could always take yourself away to your room if you needed to be on your own but I aboslutely loved this socialising. As you can imagine though, the shock I came home to where all my friends are working full time along with my parents! A very lonely Lisa ensued. My main aim this summer is to fall back in love with my own company. Yes socialising is great but I think one of the most important things is being able to just hang out with yourself and keep yourself amused! Its part of the reason I created this list in the first place!

So that is my Summer 2016 Bucket List.

I hope you guys liked it – what’s on your summer bucket list this year? I would love to know!



26 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List

  1. Your bucket list is beautiful ❤ And some wonderful ideas you've got for this Summer!

    And do you have Netflix? If so I would recommend;
    – Once Upon A Time (story about storybook/fairytale/disney characters in modern day America)
    – Breaking Bad (a science teacher and ex student cooking meth – takes a little while to get into)
    – Merlin (based around the myths of Merlin (wizard) and King Arthur, but this is set before Merlin actually knows what he's doing)
    – Gossip Girl (classic girly programme about rich people in New York – full of drama)
    – Vampire Diaries (classic vampire TV show)
    – The Originals (a spin off series of the above)
    – Orphan Black (getting a little more dark. This is a show above clones who discover everything about their past and it gets a little creepy, but amazing)
    – Jessica Jones (Marvel Comic TV Series above a female private detective with unbelievably strength and her struggle with a mind controller (who is David Tennant))

    Katie |

    1. I think seeing it visually really helped me remember what I wanted to do! If I was reflecting and doing another one this year I would definitely say to cut it down as sometimes it’s just not feasible to do all of these things in one summer!

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