How To Découpage


Hey guys!

We’re throwing it way back to the good old days and doing a picture tutorial today! Découpaging is by no means a new thing but I’ve had this kit lying around for a little while so I wanted to try and play with it or explore with it and thought I would take you along with me. What I found out is -THIS IS AMAZING. You can cover whatever you want with paper and it’s so easy and so pretty!


My kit came with all the things you will need but if not, you can easy go and buy all these things from the poundshop or a craft store! It came with:
-some tissue paper (definitely get this from the pound shop!!)
– A paintbrush (ideally the smaller the better and with some sturdy bristles to mash the paper into crevices)
– cardboard creatures (this can really be the thing you want to découpage so let your imagination run wild with this one!)
– Découpage glue (think ModPodge, not quite PVA glue but not far off)

PicMonkey Collage

These are the only four step you will need to understand how to découpage and from there it’s just – practice makes perfect.
Start by applying a thin layer of the paste/glue to the area you want the paper to stick to. Admittedly, when I took this picture I put lots and lots on to be on the safe side but I soon learnt that that was NOT the way to do it!
Then take a little strip of the paper you want to use and place it on the glue. Use the paintbrush with the remaining paste on it and gently tap the paper into place.
Repeat this until the whole area is covered.


You can do as many layers as you like to play with the opacity.

PicMonkey Collage1

I then just repeated myself over all the little butterflies I wanted mixing and matching the papers that I wanted for each one.



This was my first time découpaging so they’re pretty rough but I really like them!


Using some beads I already had, I applied little dots of the paste onto the butterflies and gave them some unique features.


And that is literally it! So easy right?

I love the effect it gives and how versatile découpaging can be! Let me know what you think or if you have ever découpaged before!

Find out how I used this découpage technique in my new video!



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