1 Palette, 3 Looks | GOSH

Hey guys!

I had a little play around with the GOSH 9 shade eyeshadow palette in To Enjoy in New York. Now you may remember a while back I did a review of this palette which you can see here.

Needless to say, my love for this palette has no diminished but only grown stronger through time and I thought I would show you just how I use the palette to get a variety of looks.

I hope you enjoy the video and scroll down for some more pictures of the looks!

Look 1useuse2use3

Definitely the lightest, most wearable looks of the 3. I love the look of shimmer all over the eye, it gives the eyes a very youthful appearance with a brightening effect especially with the lighter colour in the inner corner of the eyes.

Look 2use1use2use3

This look is a really unique kind of style which is amazing that this palette can create it so effortlessly. A cut crease is always a striking look with this softer version of it with greys and champagnes rather than bold blacks makes it much more wearable and flattering for everyone.

Look 3use1use2use3

It doesn’t take a genius to know this is the darkest, boldest look of them all but I think a darker, more vampy look is good to try with a palette because it pushes the eyeshadows and their pigments to the limit and boy did this palette deliver. That deep purple is giving me life and the fact that such dark colours can blend away to nothing shows the butteriness of these eyeshadows as well as giving a hint to the versatility of this palette.

Thank you guys so much stopping by and I’ll see you soon!



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