Daisy Street Black Cyber Monday Sale


Hey guys!
In today’s post, I’ll be showing you a couple of pieces I picked up on the Daisy Street website over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend! In true Lisa style, there isn’t a lot of colour but they had a few nice basic pieces that I thought I would stock up on as all the clothes were so cheap!



IMG_6774 - CopyIMG_6815

The first thing I got was this grey waffle knit jumper. This is honestly one of the cosiest jumpers I have ever worn in my life. I love the cuffed sleeves and edges and the colour and feel just makes it the perfect go-to jumper when I feel like having a lazy day.

IMG_6780 IMG_6776IMG_6807

Next up, I bought this boxy striped crop top. I love stripes and anything minimalistic so I couldn’t say no to this top as I think it was about £2.60?! The quality of the fabric is gorgeous and very well made making it quite a structured top rather than a loose, flowing tee. The v-neck style, as well as the darts on the side, add a bit more dimension to the otherwise pretty basic top.

IMG_6785 IMG_6790 IMG_6808

Although I already have a pair of high-waisted disco pants, they are starting to become a little worn and the elasticity around the cuffs are losing their shape so I went ahead and picked up a new pair seeing as they were in the sale. I actually prefer these pants to my previous pair as they feel like they are made much better and will last longer. They are definitely made of a thicker fabric also which is always a bonus in the thick of these winter months.

IMG_6792 IMG_6799  IMG_6794 IMG_6801IMG_6817 - CopyIMG_6827

When I saw these pinafores I simply couldn’t leave them behind. I have recently been loving the looser, shift style dresses and the shape of these pinafores are beautiful. They skim right along the body but are not tight or restrictive in any way. I love the working pockets on either side as I think it gives the dress more dimension along with practicality. These were only £3 each so to say they are a bargain would be an understatement. They are so versatile as well that you could dress them up for a girls night or make it acceptable for the office as well!

Those are the few goodies I picked up on the Daisy Street website recently. I hope you guys enjoyed this post – di you get any Black Friday bargains? I’d love to know and I’ll see you next time!



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