Urban Decay – Naked On The Run Review and Tutorial


Hey everyone!

Today’s post and video will be based around the ‘On The Run’ Kit by Urban Decay. I received this kit as a gift for my 18th birthday a few months ago and have only now got a chance to play with it!


The kit retails for $54 or £37 so it is a similar price to each of the Naked palettes.
It comes with a miniature eyeliner, a miniature Perversion mascara, a full-sized limited edition lip gloss in Sesso, 5 eye shadows and a bronzer, blusher and highlighter shade.

The kit was designed to be an allrounder kit and I think it does just that so lets dig into each product within the kit!


Stag is the eyeliner that comes with the kit and it is one of the infamous 24/7 Glide on Liners. These liners are known for their lasting power and I have to say that I agree. This beautiful rich, deep brown satin shade looks gorgeous on the top or bottom waterline and stays put really well throughout the day. I was pleased to see that Urban Decay didn’t just chuck the usual black eyeliner into the kit and actually thought about which colour would go with the kit the best and I think they chose excellently!

IMG_5506  IMG_5522

Another well known name in this kit comes in the form of the Perversion mini. Whilst this is only a little tube, it does not stop this mascara from packing a punch! As you will see in the video linked below I wasn’t expecting great things as bigger brushes like this don’t normally work for me but I LOVE this! It coats the lashes in an opaque black lacquer as well as adding clumpless volume and length!  The bristles on this brush comb through the lashes with ease and ts very easy to build up the layers until you reach your desired effect.


Next in the kit comes the exclusive lip gloss in the shade Sesso. This deeper pinky nude is the typical ‘your lips but better’ shade and finishes the lips with a wonderful, juicy shine. Having looked on the website, the closest colour match for this is Liar (not Beso as I mentioned in the video!) 


Onto the the eye shadows, I have never had any eye shadows from Urban Decay so the pigmentation was a big surprise to me. These shadows (especially the metallic shades) are SO heavily pigmented. The above photo has two swipes of each colour and they are completely opaque. So starting from left to right:
Dive: This shimmery pink shadow is probably the most opaque out of all of the shadows. The gold shimmer almost creates a kind of rose-gold effect and anyone who knows me knows I love rose gold so this shadow gets a big thumbs up from me!
Fix: This soft taupe is the least pigmented out of all the shadows but I think that variation is good. Because it is matte, it allows the shadow to be a nice crease/transition colour but with a bit of building it can be a stand alone shadow on the lid as well. I actually used this shadow as by contour as well – double bonus!
Resist: Resist is a darker taupe/brown shade with a bronze metallic shimmer running throughout. It’s a wonderful shadow although does create quite a bit of fall out if a lot is used on the lid for example.
Dare: This is a matte medium brown which I think is a vital colour for most palette to have. It can be used to deepen the eye look and smoke out the other pigments. I used this shadow wet as a brow powder and it was a pretty perfect match for me!  Fix would also be an excellent brown colour for people with fair hair.
Stun: Stun is a burnt gold metallic shadow with a bronze/gold shimmer. It has a slight olive undertone making it very complementary to yellow undertones like mine but maybe not so usable on people with more of a red undertone. It is a still a wonderful colour and if used correctly I think it acts as a great center lid shadow.


There are three face powders found in this kit. Starting left to right:
Bronzer: This medium bronzer shade is completely matte which I love, however I do feel it is just a little too orange for me and I think that would apply to most people! If used with a very light hand (due to its heavy pigmentation) it can give a nice sun-kissed look.
Blush:  I love this blush colour! It’s a beautiful rosy pink with flecks of light shimmer throughout. It gives a very natural flush of colour onto the skin but much like the other powders in this kit – a little goes a LONG way!
Highlighter: This is actually a full-sized eye shadow called 50/50 but as a lover of the highlighter I couldn’t help but use this satin shade as a highlight. It is a creamy colour shadow with a glint of pick shimmer when it catches the light. It is the most beautiful colour and it would work so perfectly on any skin tone to add some glow. It does have quite a lot of fallout but it is work it for the payoff that it gives!

Watch me try it out here!



I hope you enjoyed my review and try out of the Naked On The Run kit from Urban Decay. If you have an questions about this kit or anything mentioned in this post, comment down below and I will see you next time!



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