Flash Tattoos DUPES


Hey guys!
Recently as I was browsing the aisles in my local pound shop I came across these temporary tattoos that look IDENTICAL to the flash tattoos that are going round at the minute. So I thought I would pick up a few packets and see how they do as they are a much cheaper alternative!


You’ll need some lukewarm water, some cotton wool, scissors and your designs.
Getting all these things ready just took me back to my childhood!


I firstly mapped out the look I was going for with the different designs before I started to transfer them, and just like with all other temporary tattoos, I peeled off the clear plastic coating from the design. It is slightly sticky so I firmly pressed it onto my skin and wrapped it right the way around my wrist.


Then with my damp (not soaking wet) cotton wool I gently pressed that onto the tattoo to begin transferring it. I kept doing this until the paper backing started to peel itself off and then I simply removed that paper and threw it away. This whole process took about 20 seconds!


As you can see by the very first step I originally had an arrow design with different colours but as you can see in picture number 2 here, it didn’t transfer very well. I did the process exactly the same way so I’m not sure if there was something wrong with that particular tattoo but I guess for the price it is to be expected! I just used my fingernail to peel off the failed portion of the tattoo and replaced it with another arrow design.


This is what my finished design looked like! I thought it looked really cool and not too dissimilar to the flashtats!


I put these tattoos on before heading out for the night and the top two pictures were the morning after. As you can see the hand and wrist portion had stayed in tact but the finger dots were slowly starting to fade but that was due to hand washing throughout the night.
I then worked in the garden for a full day pulling gloves on and off, dipping my hands in dirt and water and really putting these tattoos through their paces. I think they held up remarkably well. The arrows had lost a bit of their metallic colour and the finger dots had completely disappeared but other than that I think they still look great!
When I showered that night, after minimal scrubbing with soap they did come completely off but that was to be expected as they are only temporary.


Overall, I think these tattoos are a great little summer treat and they aren’t bad quality for the price of them.
Flash Tattoos retail between $15-$30 and whilst they claim to be waterproof, with the right care and minimal exposure to water, these £1 dupes can give you exactly the same effect!



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