Bargain Beauty Haul


Hey guys!
I found this little shop near to where I live and I found out that it sold a lot of beauty products for a hugely discounted price! I thought this may be because they were damaged but what I found is they are mostly discontinued products from still existing lines. It’s called The Factory Shop but any kind of budget store may have similar items that you could check out! Let’s get straight into the goodies that I got!

IMG_5212 IMG_5213
RRP – £4.49
Bought For – £1

I’ve been loving these Rimmel Kate Moss Eyeshadow Sticks for a really long time so when I saw these for the whole £1 that they were I jumped on that immediately! I picked up all three colours they had because I thought they are so versatile.
I got 100 Rose Gold which is more of a copper gold if you ask me but I thought this would be a gorgeous lid shade especially because I’ve got blue eyes.
The next colour I got was 101 Deep Amethyst and I got this one purely because it was a deep purple colour and I thought it was just beautiful!
The final colour I picked up was 102 Electric Sapphire (I didn’t intend on getting the consecutive numbers haha!) which is this matte royal blue. It is so creamy for being a matte shadow and I thought this one would make a great eyeliner to add a pop of colour onto the top or bottom lash line for the summer months.
IMG_5221.jph IMG_5223
RRP – £6.49
Bought For – £2

Now these Rimmel Apocalips were all the rage a few years back and whilst they have faded into the background slightly I still love the formula and pigmentation of them, but because I don’t wear lip products every day I couldn’t justify spend almost £7 on each one – £2 though and I’m sold!
The first one I got was a bright, cool toned red shade called Across The Universe which is amazingly opaque. My only downfall with it is that it is a PAIN to remove, it’s so pigmented that it starts to stain around the lips when you scrub it off so it looks like you’ve got really chapped, damaged lips but that will only happen at night so I can deal with that!
The second colour is my favourite thing from this whole haul. It is in the shade Aurora and I didn’t think it would suit me as it’s an orange toned, pink coral shade but I LOVE it. It’s the perfect summer shade for my skin tone and it seems to brighten up the entire face!

RRP – £4
Bought For – £2

This little face sponge is a dupe to the Beauty Blender, and whilst I’ve never tried it after reading some reviews it seems to be pretty well loved. Unfortunately I just don’t feel the same. I have the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and compared to that I just find this sponge to hard and it doesn’t blend the product as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the shape of it with all the little contours and for £2 it is an absolute steal but I personally feel it needs a lot more work to get the desired look with this.

RRP – £4.79
Bought For – £1

 I’ve had this product before and I absolutely loved it so I was very sad when I finished the tub and couldn’t find a replacement so I think I let out a little squeal of joy when I saw this in the shop. It is a finishing cream that you apply to damp hair that sets and defines your curls or waves whilst adding moisture. What more could you want? You only need to use a coin-sozed dollop every time too so this tub lasts an AGE!

IMG_5241 PicMonkey Collage
RRP – £8.99
Bought For – £4

This was probably my best find of the haul as this mascara is still in Boots and Superdrug for full price and I got it for half the price. I’ve heard many good things about this mascara and I must say I do agree. The wand is fantastic at separating the lashes and applying just enough to really coat and define them! I have quite naturally long lashes anyway so to have a wand that just separates them gives a really fluttery, natural look which I love!

I hope you enjoyed this haul with all my little goodies and hopefully you can find a place like this where you live too! If you know of anywhere, leave a comment down below to help other people out!



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