Rings Haul


Hey guys!

This week I’m working on a very exciting project for you so I didn”t have time to make a video!
I found a new jewellery brand that I liked and wanted to share with you so I’ve put together a little haul for you! IMG_4903

Daisy & Delilah and Urban Rocks are the new brands that can be found in Superdrug and I honestly think they are brilliant quality for the price range. Everything in both ranges are under £5 and the choices range from earring sets to necklaces to cuffs as well as wrapped giftsets!

I only picked up a few bits and pieces but I’ll certainly be back to get more.


Daisy and Delilah are the more cutesy, girly side of the range with lots of pastels and warm metals. Simple and sweet is how I would best describe their collection. I picked up the set on the left with the hearts mainly because of the rose gold ones because I’m obsessed with rose gold but I also just thought they were really pretty and the type of thing that will go with any outfit. The set on the right just caught my minimalist eye when I was browsing. I love the pastel shades (especially the blue) and I think the gold rim around them makes them unique and look much more expensive than they actually are!


Urban Rocks is definitely the more bold and in your face between the two brands, as the name would suggest. They focus on rich jewel tones and gunmetal, Think biker convention meets runway in the best possible sense. Daisy & Delilah would usually be much more appealing to me but I LOVE this stuff! The set on the left really intrigued me as I’ve never seen that shape of earring before. They sit very nicely on the ear, just dropping slightly below the lobe. The gunmetal colour really attracted my attention but I think the minimalism of these earrings makes them an everyday, wearable piece with an edge. The rich tones of the pieces on the right just took my heart. I love how expensive they look and the fact they only cost me £2.50 makes it all the sweeter. The red ones are a particular favourite but they are really well made and I don’t feel like the jewels would fall out at any point as they are hinged in by the casing really well.

IMG_4909 IMG_4913

Overall,  I really like these two brands. I think their individual selections are great, they are made well and for a VERY affordable price. If you have a Superdrug near you I would definitely suggest you check these brands out! Whats to lose!



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