GOSH New Products Review


Hey guys!

GOSH have released a whole bunch of new products recently and I wanted to share some of the things that I have from this new collection!

So in this collection there are:
– 9 new extreme liquid gel liners
– 4 new eye shadow trios
and a new primer

Lets get straight into the review!


The most expensive item in this new collection is the Primer Plus + Hydration at £13.99 but it definitely worth the investment. It is a priming base enriched with snow algae to add extra hydration.


It has a very light, aerated feel on the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky, heavy consistency on the skin. You really only need a coin sized amount to do the whole face so it is a very long lasting primer and it creates a beautifully even base to work other makeup onto or just as it is.



I have one of the Xtreme Liguid Gel Eye Liners in Black Night but they also come in a variety of normal and bolder colours. They price at £5.99 each and come with 1.7ml worth of product. That doesn’t seem like a lot but that is MORE than enough to last you a while!


It comes with a fine material nib on a easy-to-hold wand. It can create a variety of lines depending on thickness, however I find the nib to be just a little bit long in order to get a precise, accurate line. The formula is a matte finish with a relatively good opacity. Two layers is more than enough!  It also dries quickly and has an excellent staying power!



The final new release GOSH have come out with are these Eyelight Eyeshadow trios which are £6.99 each. There are 4 different ones, all with varying shade ranges and I have 002 Fairytale which feature the pink/purple shades.



The packaging is very sweet and the whole trio is very compact – fits right into the palm of your hand! The shadows themselves are absolutely beautiful. The light shade at the top is a light cool-toned baby pink colour. I assume this is the highlighter shade of this trio. The middle shadow is a deep mauve colour and features more pink in the swatch than it does in the pan but it definitely makes it more harmonious with the other two colours. The final colour is the true hot pink shade of the trio, it is bold and out there. The formula of these shades are beautifully velvety and lovely to apply. They also blend well and work perfectly together!


Those are all the new releases coming from GOSH at the moment! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I will see you next week!


Disclaimer: I received these products from GOSH as I work in Superdrug however this post is in no way sponsored and I was not asked to talk about these products. All opinions are completely my own but I thought you guys might like to see whats been coming out recently! 


8 thoughts on “GOSH New Products Review

  1. love the colours of the eyeshadow!
    i just started a fashion blog, it would be great if you’d check it out 🙂

    1. That’s funny because I would totally say the same about American brands! I’m forever dying to try NYX, Covergirl and Milani!!

      1. Oh wow, you don’t have those brands in the UK?! I’m not a huge fan of covergirl though, a lot of their stuff breaks me out. NYX is awesome though and milani has killer blushes

      2. Yeah it’s not all great! 😩 I’ve heard a lot of people say that actually about Covergirl but next time I’m in the states I’m definitely going to splurge on makeup! ❤️

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