What I Got For Christmas 2014

 Hey guys!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had wonderful days full of festive cheer!
Last year so many of you enjoyed my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ that I thought I would do it again for you!
As I clarified last year this is absolutely not me bragging about anything I got. I am extremely thankful for all the lovely presents I got and I’m also fully aware of the fact that materialism is not the main reason of Christmas!


What’s Christmas without chocolate eh? And boy did I get a lot of it! I have enough chocolate to last me all year (realistically though, it will all be gone by the end of January!!)


Santa was very kind and brought me some super fuzzy pj bottoms to keep me nice and toasty and also a straw dispenser as I’ve been hosting more parties with my friends recently and thought this would be a cool little extra!


On the topic of fuzzy pj’s I also got a brand new dressing gown as I practically live in mine and its about 6 years old! This thing is so soft I actually don’t think I’ll ever get over it!


My best friend spoilt me absolutely rotten and gave me a collection of goodies. She got me London Underground duvet covers as we are going back there for the second time this summer. They are so bold and retro – I LOVE how they look in my room! She also bought me some pretty floral hair clips and a necklace from New Look. As of this wasn’t amazing enough she only went and made me a picture book with lots of different pictures of us throughout our friendship and its just so wonderful!


My boyfriend bought me this very retro Salvador Dali inspired hanging clock as it’s my art theme this year in school which is super cool! I love that is sits off a shelf and you can actually still read it!
He also bought me this sweet little teddy bear from his university.


My Nanny got me this adorable dog pillow which looks EXACTLY like my dog Reuben along with a little hanger that says ‘Granddaughters don’t come sweeter than you.’ (Can’t say she’s wrong! Joking!)


I also got some few other bits and bobs from other friends like this sweet little cheery notebook which I can’t wait to scribble down all my ideas into, some Soap&Glory Hand Food, a little dog calendar and wait for it…. A Frozen lip balm. I know, amazing right?


My brother had asked me what I would like for Christmas and when I mentioned Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs I honestly didn’t expect this! Its a gift set with the fragrance, shower gel and body cream so needless-to-say I was a VERY happy girl and then he gave me this strangely wrapped present and I opened it to find my very own personalised Nutella jar – yum!


Finally, I received my Christmas present from my parents early this year as my phone crashed in October so I got the Phone 5s in October which I absolutely adore. Come Christmas day, I wasn’t expecting anything from my parents (even though my mum jokingly took my phone from me, put it in a bag and then handed it back to me!) I couldn’t believe it when they handed me this! For anyone who doesn’t know its a HardDrive. Very techy and nerdy but YouTube videos take up a lot of space and was slowing my computer down so I’m now super happy that I have this!

I was spoilt rotten this Christmas and I hope that everyone who received a present from me enjoyed them! I love giving and receiving gifts at Christmas time and I hoped you enjoyed a nosey around my gifts!

See you next time!



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