So…. Where have I been?

This is truly a great question. And I’m afraid the only answer I have for you is that I’ve been about.

These last two months have been crazy to say the least. In September, I started back to school in year 14 which is my final year before university and the work load is nothing short of immense.

I also have a part-time job which I work at the weekends as well as doing something extra every night of the week. Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day and something had to give, which in this case was my blog and Youtube channel.

 So whilst I’ve been pretty much non-existent online for the past 2 and a half months trust me, I have not been lazying about!

I had so many plans for Halloween and all the autumn videos I wanted to make but alas, maybe next year eh?

Anyway, consider this my apology! I hadn’t missed a week of blogging since I started this blog back in April 2012 so I was heartbroken to miss one! But I am back on the bandwagon of video making and back doing the thing that I love to do so be prepared for many videos and all I’ll say is…




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