DIY Brush Cleaner

Hey guys!

It feels like a lifetime since I’ve made a video and that’s because it has! So we’re scraping that record and getting back on the horse with today’s video!

Cleaning my makeup brushes has always been a bit of a chore for me so I was thinking of ways to make it slightly easier for myself when I came across this little chestnut!
This is in no way a new idea but I just loved it and had to make my own and my goodness am I happy I did! It cuts out about half of the work when it comes to cleaning my brushes so the whole process is done in about 15 minutes!

Anyway, here is the video on this miraculous little thing!

I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you next week!



2 thoughts on “DIY Brush Cleaner

  1. I was just wondering: where did you get your hot glue gun? Can you buy them in painting and decorating shops?
    I really lie, this idea, but you see I don’t actually have a glue gun. Although we have them at school, so maybe I could use those. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks!

    1. I got my glue gun from my mother but any craft or homeware store should sell them! If you don’t have one locally – you can definitely find them online! ☺️

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