Mini Beauty Haul

Hey guys!

I found this little haul of goodies tucked up away in the back of my cupboard the other day so I thought I would throw together a quick little haul to show you some of the goodies that I’ve bought!


The first thing that I got was this vitamin E all over body cream. This stuff is so creamy and smooth and just applies so lovely to the skin. Now it does take a little while to try in but you can definitely feel the difference from before and after you put it on. The skin just feels so much healthier and softer with minimal fragrance if that is what you are looking for. It’s a joy to smother on!
Price – £2.99
Rating – 4.5/5


I must say I am still a bit of a newbie to the facemask craze but it is certainly growing on me. These are the latest two to my collection and I have actually used both of them already. The cucumber clay mask does exactly what is says on the tin. It is a clay mask that hardens on the face and pulls it all together along with the cucumber leaving the skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. The yoghurt smoothie mask is by far my new all time favourite. When I put it on, it is a constant fight against my will to eat it because it smells SO good. It too moisturises the skin and leaves it super soft! And they are also a bargain!
Price – 99p
Rating – 5/5


The product was actually recommended to me by a girl I work with who suggested the glow replenisher after I said I was looking for a type of hair mask that wasn’t going to leave my hair looking greasy. This product is nice to use although don’t be put off by its fluorescent yellow/orange colour! It is basically a very intense conditioner that you leave on for the suggested 1 minute (I leave it on for about 3-5. What a rebel!)  Its leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.
Price – £3.49
Rating – 4/5


I suffer with naturally quite frizzy hair so when  I saw this v05 product I became massively intrigued! It clams to ‘illuminate hair with brilliant shine’ which with after a lot of testing actually claims to be fairly true! This is one of those products you really have to try to find a happy medium with. Try different amounts and where to apply it to see what works for you!
Price – £4.20
Rating – 3.5/5


Another issue I really struggle with is volume in my hair. Because it is so long, it gets weighted down very easily and this means that my hair can fall very flat against my head. I tried this product out and I wanted to love it, believe me I did but I just didn’t get on with it at all. It left my hair full of residue and feeling brittle and straw-like. With minimal volume. Overall, a bit of a fail.
Price – £3.79
Rating – 2/5


I’ve heard good things about this velvet matte lip lacquers from MUA so I was intrigued to see if they worked for me because for £3 I would have bought them in every colour! Unfortunately – not this colour. In the tube (which is a lovely, slender, frosted tube) it looks like a pale baby pink which is a colour I do not own and was looking for. That is not what I found when I put it on. Think orange concealer. That is the colour. It is DISGUSTING. I can’t see how it would work on any skin tone but I have no given up faith. I would like to try a more safe colour to see how this product actually performs.
Price – £3
Rating – Undecided


Do you ever have that moment at the checkout when you realise you really don’t need something but you get it anyway? This happened with this palette. I have absolutely no idea why I bought it because I will never be brave enough to wear these colours but someday I might be grateful for it! It’s the Poptastic palette from MUA and as are the other palettes from this range it is excellent with a wide range of colour and high pigmented shadows. Well worth the large investment of £4!
Price – £4
Rating – 4.5/5

I hope you enjoyed this little mini haul! And if you like them I might do some more in the future!



8 thoughts on “Mini Beauty Haul

    1. Any of the Batiste Dry Shampoos will condition and volumise your hair. Or the got2b volumising powder is excellent too! ☺️

  1. Do NOT get any other MUA Velvet Luxe; gorgeous colours and look good when you put them on, but within five minutes they just peel straight off like skin- so gross! I got the red one and was so in love until I actually wore it!

  2. Hey Lisa, it’s me again! I’ve been following all your YouTube journey and really want to start my own channel. The only thing I’m scared of is people from my town/school finding you can imagine people our age are fairly judgemental. How did you over come this stigma?

    1. Hey there!
      You should definitely just go for it! Honestly you will get a bit of rubbish about it but its only because people don’t understand it and you’ll find the majority of people actually find it really cool and interesting! Don’t knock your self down about it and if you enjoy it, whose to say anything?!

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