Hey guys!

Okay, so…

In July I said that I was going to be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I said this not actually realising what a crazy month August was going to be.

I started the month by jetting off to London for the week with my best friend, and then the day after  got home my AS Results came out and then I have also been back at work and soon I am to start into the final year of school. So to say it’s been hectic would be an understatement.

Now I did have it all planned and most of the videos have been pre-filmed so it’s not a case of being unorganised like I normally am. It’s just a case of the world seems to be working against me to not allow these videos to go up!

I have tried uploading last Friday’s video FOUR different times and none of the times they have worked. I have Monday’s and tomorrows videos edited and ready to go but since they go in an order – who knows when they will go up either!

Anyway, the point of the post was to just let you guys know that I haven’t just abandoned ship and can’t be bothered. Trust me I am VERY bothered by this and basically just to say a massive sorry to everyone.

The videos will be up at some point throughout this month but it all depends on whether my computer wants to play ball or not!!

See you soon!



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