Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Collection Review


Hey guys!

Recently Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo released some new brushes in their Real Techniques line. They are Duo-Fiber which means that they are layered with shorter, denser bristles as well as longer, sparser bristles. These are equally distributed throughout each of the brushes and allows the user to not pick up too much product and create a blended, airbrushed finish to makeup.  The duo-fiber limited edition collection can be found at any store which stocks Real Techniques or online. They cost £20.99 for the 3 brushes and I believe it is well worth it.


Its packaging is fairly similar to the other brushes in the collection except this has this beautiful tropical flower decal on it.


As per usual the back of the packaging has a run down of all the brushes and what they could be used for. I always find this really helpful as although most of these brushes are very versatile and can be used for more than just one thing, it’s good to know what the experts recommend.


Each of the brushes are individually placed into the foam packaging to protect the handles and heads of the brushes. The brush heads themselves look gorgeous with the monochrome gradient running throughout them and the handles have a metallic finish with a matte grip at the end of the handle for easy comfort. The brushes – just like all the other real technique brushes – feel really well made. I have used all of these brushes for at least a week and there has been no shedding!


 The first and largest brush in this pack is the Duo-Fibre Face Brush. It is suggested that this brush is to be used for powders and pigments. I use this as my face powder brush as it picks up not too much pigment to doesn’t apply the powder too heavily to the face. This would be a good brush to add some general highlight to the face as well as the sparse bristles would pick up the correct amount of product to create a healthy glow. Can I also just mention how ridiculously SOFT this brush is? I just want to rub it on my face all the time!!


The second brush is the Duo-Fiber Contour Brush which is pretty self-explanatory. It can be used to sculpt the face using bronzer or highlighter. This brush pretty much blends out product itself. I use this to bronze and contour my face and I love what it does. The white bristles picks up the product and applies it to the face whilst the denser, black bristles blends out the product to create a seamlessly blurred edge. It is a two in one as you don’t need a brush to blend it out with. It also has a slight angle to the brush which means you can apply product very precisely.


The final brush is the Duo-Fiber Eye Brush which I’m not going lie, is my least favourite of the 3. It, like the others, has longer, sparse bristles which I don’t think work as effectively as the other ones. While it is an excellent brush all round I feel like the longer bristles make it hard to blend accurately as the bristles can bend in the crease and place product when it shouldn’t. It is without a doubt the softest of all the brushes which allows for the pigments to be applied velvety smooth which is lovely.

Overall, these brushes are of course, stunning. They look and feel beautiful on the skin and a joy to clean. I would definitely recommend these brushes!!




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