Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review


Hey guys!

No video this week as I am finally coming to the end of exams yay! I can’t for summer when I can start posting twice a week again!

Today I am going to be reviewing the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I know this has been out for a while but I only recently purchased it.  I don’t any Urban Decay make up products so I was super excited to try them out and see what all the hype is about.


So this is the outside of the palette. It is a dark pink/brown/gold metal case. I love the ridged design on the packaging as well as the bold gold lettering that is raised up.


When you open the palette, it is the same layout as the other Naked palettes. There is a full mirror on the lid with the 12 shadows and brush/brush holder on the base.

On with the swatches!

Please ignore my beautiful watch mark haha!

All the colours in this palette are warm toned and rosey-gold tones.
Strange is the first colour, it s a peachy orange shimmer and would loo amazing if you had a darker skin tone.
Dust is light orange with gold shimmer in it – again, perfect if you have darker skin.
Burnout is a matte flesh tone. It is a little bit chalkier than the other ones and definitely doesn’t have as much pigment but it could be used as a nice transition shade.


Limit is a light pink shimmery shadow. This colour is one of my favourites in the palette and it is so highly pigmented.
Buzz is a golden taupe with plenty of sparkle to it. It’s a gorgeous velvety colour and works on pretty much everyone.
Trick is the next matte shade in the palette. It is a light brown shadow and is one of the most versatile colours within the palette.


Nooner is like Trick’s bigger and badder brother. It is a metallic dark brown shade that is incredibly blendable and buildable.
Liar is a black brown with a shimmery sheen to it. It is very soft and very richly pigmented. It is also a KILLER colour to bring out blue and green eyes!
Factory is the only colour in this palette that I don’t think ‘works’ in this palette. It is a cool toned metallic grey. I am not complaining by any means because it is gorgeous!


Mugshot is another one of my favourite colours in the palette. It is a purply brown colour with some shimmery. As the other shimmers it is stunningly pigmented and smooth as butter.
Darkside is the more muted, matte version of Liar. I like that they have included a matte dark brown as well as a matte light brown. Its very versatile and not at all chalky like some other mattes.
Blackheart is exactly what you think it is. It is a matte black shadow. The only problem I have with this shadow is that it isn’t as smooth as the other colours and it also blends out to a smokey grey so you do have to re-intensify it.

IMG_9810e IMG_9813e

The palette as comes with a double ended brush as well which in my eyes is always a bonus! The brush feels very well made and durable. The flat side is good at applying the shadows however it does feel very artificial. The fluffy end is my preferred end. It is SO soft and blends the colours out beautifully. The brush and this palette are just a match made in heaven!


Consider the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette well and truly reviewed.

I really like this palette and I think it would work well with any skin tones.
HOWEVER, saying that. As I am still a student the retail price of £37 is just more than a bit out of my price range so I found my palette on eBay for just £18 which I am more than happy to pay!

I hope you enjoyed this review and keep and eye out for some tutorials on how to use it! ALSO keep a cheeky eye out for a VERY exciting post/video on some amazing dupes I’ve found for these palettes.

Do you have this palette or any of them? If you do what do you thin of them and what are your favourite colours?



15 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

  1. Hey great review !

    I just wanted to mention i think you may have unfortuantly picked up a fake naked 3 palette as i have this palette also and it doesnt look anything like this one 😦 just thought id give you the heads up.
    But apart from that this was a great thorough review, thanks! (:

    1. From the sound of other commenters – I’m not so sure! As I said in the post, this is my first urban decay palette so I’m not sure what they are suppose to look like?!

      1. Either way, don’t worry too much about it. I did the same thing with my first UD palette (naked2) . I used it for over a year not realising, and the shadows still looked great. Of course once I realised I went ahead and bought the naked2 palette straight from urbandecay.com, but thats just the fanatic in me.

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