5 Ways to Stack Bracelets

Hey guys!

No video this week but I thought I would do a super quick little post about bracelet stacking. It seems like an easy thing to do but with so many bracelets it can be hard to tell what bracelets to put with each other so I came up with these 5 easy ideas on how to stack bracelets.



Lets take it right back here – think primary school days! Stacking bangles was the done thing and there is no reason why that trend can’t continue now. They are simple and are actually designed to stack! Try not to get too many on there at a time or you’ll sound like a cleaner’s pair of keys anywhere you go!



I love the feel and look of these retro friendship bracelets and because they are so dainty they are easy to stack without looking too bulky. Different textures, sizes and colours will all work pretty harmoniously and look super cute at the same time!

Mixed Metals

mixed metalStacking doesn’t always mean a million bracelets piled on your wrist. This minimalistic stacking can be just as effective and looks professional. Some people can be scared of mixing metals but subtle pairings like this can work as well!

Pop Of Colour

pop of colourBlack and white – the safest options of all colour combinations. I had this black and purple bracelet and just by adding this in to the stack, it added so much diversity to the look of the bracelets.


tonalHaving so many bracelets can be daunting and it can be hard to pick. My final key rule is stick with tones. If they are all about the same tones then they will work! So find a couple and go with it!

Of course, accessorising should be fun and should in no way be taken too seriously! Have fun with it and enjoy!






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