How To Style | Disco Pants

Hey guys!
After my haul a few weeks ago I was asked to style the black disco pants that I bought! These pants are still completely on trend so I thought now would be the perfect time to style them due to their versatility.  If you would like a pair of these disco pants you can order them here.

Outfit 1
Top ~ Primark
Shirt ~ Topman
Boots ~ Dunnes

Outfit 2
Top ~ Forever 21
Jacket ~ Vintage
Boots ~ Internationale

Outfit 3
Top ~ Primark
Jacket ~ Dunnes
Shoes ~ Converse

Outfit 4
Top ~ eBay
Shoes ~ Exhibit

Outfit 5
Jumper ~ H&M
Boots ~ Primark





7 thoughts on “How To Style | Disco Pants

      1. Tell me about it! I got mine as a birthday present though – although if it helps think of it as an investment! It’s gonna be one of those things that you can use for years

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