Eyeliner Masterclass

Hey everyone!

Eyeliner is a pain and one of the hardest makeup techniques to learn because it is so hit and miss!
I thought today I would make an ‘Eyeliner made easy’ video for maybe some of you guys who are beginners in makeup or even some of you who aren’t as we might use different techniques!

I have included 10 different looks in the video to show off how versatile eyeliner can be and how creative you can be with it!

 I hope you enjoy and I will see you next week!



6 thoughts on “Eyeliner Masterclass

  1. Thank you so much! I always wear eyeliner, but I’ve never heard of all these different styles before! I do have one question though. My eyes change color, from green to blue. I don’t know when they will change next! What color eyeliner do you recommend? Thanks!!

    1. Thank you Jackie! I’m glad I could help! I would suggest to solid black will always with well on any eye colour but I also think deep browns and greys would be amazing too and they wouldn’t be quite as harsh as the blacks! Greys work really well on blues and deep brown compliment greens beautifully 🙂 I hope this helps 😀

  2. great video, I’m just back from *trying* to do eyeliner and I miserably failed. I can’t seem to grasp it at all! Have watched this video so hopefully it will help me, any tips for best eyeliner products to use?

    1. Practice makes perfect when it comes to eyeliner! I would definitely suggest started with a liquid liner with a thin nib. I like the NYC liner and also gel liner with an angled brush can make applying it really easy! 🙂

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