My Barry M Nail Polish Collection and Review

Hey guys!

So today is going to be a mammoth post but trust me – it’s worth it. I’ve been meaning to make this post for such a long time as my love for Barry M has not faded one inch over the last three or four years and to say I was a fan of their polishes would be an understatement! I want to share this love for you and these polishes are so inexpensive with amazing colour pay off so hopefully this post might inspire you to go and check them out. And for £2.99 can you really argue with that?

I made a short video just showcasing these polishes just to practice some of my editing skills and really hope you guys liked how it turned out!

On with the reviews…


Pomegranate is a fuchsia pink almost pink-red colour. It is so pigmented and you could easily get away with one coat of this. It is very flattering on the nails if you find bright reds hard to wear on your nails and because it is one of the Gelly Hi-Shine polishes it has really good lasting power too! Overall a 5/5 from me!

2limited edition

This limited edition polish came out a while back but there are still very similar ones available. This is a strand glitter polish that has pinky-red, green and blue glitter pieces in it. The coverage of this polish is good – you get a lots of the strands in one stripe however it would need some bloc base colour underneath as I think you would need more than about four or five coats of this polish to get complete coverage on the nail. Again another solid 4.5/5. The only thing I am not so keen on is the smell of this polish but it soon goes away after the polish has dried.


Raspberry is my favourite colour that Barry M has every produced. There. I said it. This colour is just stunning. It is a deep blood-red and looks good on the nails at any time of year. It is not dark and vampy like other dark red polishes but instead it is bold and casual and it just has the perfect consistency with great coverage – two coats and you’re good to go.. I just love it. Complete 5/5 for this one.

4red glitter

This red glitter polish are perfect for those people who love a bold nail colour. It is exactly how it looks on the bottle and the coverage is amazing for it being a glitter polish. You don’t need a base coat underneath for it to become full opaque. I may seem like I am saying it for all of them but it’s another 5/5.


Crush is one of Barry M’s newest releases in their Matte polish collection. I was so excited for this polish and although it is not a disappointing polish by any stretch of the imagination I just feel like it could have been better. It dies fairly quickly and it is clear to see that is matte however It comes out quite streaky and no matter how many coats you put it – it seems to stay that way. Also because you can’t put a top coat over the top I find it chips and flakes fairly quickly too. It is still a lovely colour thought with a unique effect so 3.5/5.

6berry cosmo

Berry Cosmo is one of those colours that you don’t think you need until you have it. I have barely taken this polish off since I bought it and I love the colour.  It goes on very opaque because it is a dark colour and is very flattering on the nails. I found this time round that it chipped within the first day which was disappointing however it didn’t last time so I’m going to give it 4/5.

7lemon icecream

This polish I find to be disappointing. I bought it for the purpose of doing nail art and it just is not opaque enough. The swatch on the page is FIVE coats and there is still some gaps. It is a nice colour but it is so translucent that is would never appear on the nails as it does in the bottle. A sad result so 2/5.

8spring green

Spring green is not for the faint hearted! This bold green is about as opaque as they come. Two coats of this and you’re set. Warning though that if you don’t put a base coat on underneath this polish can stain the nails a yellow/green hue. But overall a lovely colour so 4.5/5.


Similarly to Spring Green, Greenberry is not a subtle colour. This bright turquoise colour has amazing staying power because of the gel polish formula. I wore this polish for a week and a half with no top coat and ONE FINGER chipped. That was it. Purely for the staying power 5/5.


This aqua glitter polish has two different glitter sizes. There are very small light blue glitter flecks and then also there are some larger turquoise glitter pieces too. This polish is very pretty and looks really good with a contrasting base coat. It couldn’t be used as a polish on its own as after applying one coat to the nail – no matter how long you wait, if you apply a second one the product becomes gloopy and lumpy on the nail. No one wants bumpy nails so 3.5/5.

11 blue moon

This was the first Barry M polish I ever bought and still to this day I wonder why I went back for more because this polish is RUBBISH. I applied two coats onto my nails and it looked as if I added a clear base coat it was that transparent. No matter how many coats of this polish you add it still remains hard to see so for that fact 0/5 for not doing its only job of being a nail polish!!

12 blueberry

If you were anyway in the blogosphere last summer then you will have already seen this product. Blueberry is a light powder blue that is again, one of their Gelly Hi-Shine paints and as with the others – they stand up to their name. This polish is so opaque I was pleased with the finish after two thin coats. Again a top coat wasn’t necessary as the staying power is just so good. A well deserved 5/5.

13 limited edition

This polish is no longer available in stores so I’ll not go on about it for too long but it is a turquoise iridescent polish with a metallic finish. This polish glides on the nail beautifully and looks killer when it catches the light however it can tend to dull slightly after a few days wear if you don’t use a good, strong top coat so I’m going to give it a 4/5.

14 cyan blue

What my friends like to call ‘the Superman blue’. Cyan blue is a perfect dupe for the colour of superman. It is a bold vivid light blue and I think it looks really good on the nails. It has a standard polish finish and is reasonably opaque but it definitely needs two coats to reach its full potential. 4.5/5.

15 indigo

The polish itself is gorgeous and I think it would look amazing on darker skin tones. It has excellent coverage along with a beautiful consistency and call me being picky here but I don’t think the name is suited to a polish. This is a dark blue shade, not an indigo shade. But hey! That’s me being truly critical of these polishes. Overall a solid 4.5/5

16 magnetic blue

This polish is from the magnetic collection that the brand have. It comes with a magnet that you hold over the polish when it is still wet to activate the magnetic particles in the polish that then form the design. It all sounds great doesn’t it? Apart from it works about 2/10 times! As much as I think is polish is cool – the magnetic is just not strong enough to do anything so then you hold it so close to the nail that you touch and whilst its wet and have to start all over again! Good idea, but not very well done. 3/5.

17 amethyst glittter

Amethyst glitter. Yes this polish is as gorgeous as it sounds! It has a combination of pink, black, gold, teal and purple circle glitter pieces and no colour out does one another. I fully applaud Barry M for this polish as it is just amazing, It looks so expensive on the nail and you can get pretty full coverage with just two coats. A sparkly 5/5 for this one!

18 blue plum

This polish has all the same qualities as every other Gelly Hi-Shine polish I have spoken about in this post. It is a deep navy polish although it can get a little bit streaky if you don’t apply two solid coats of the polish. Again, brilliant staying power and overall a nice polish if this is a colour you are looking for 5/5.

19 prickly pear

Ahh my dear prickly pear. I don’t know whether it’s because of the colour or because of the awesome formula but this polish has a special place in my heart. This colour screams spring/summer. I feel like sometimes lilacs can wash out or be washed out on nails but Barry M have mastered this colour and I think its brilliant. This is all my biased judgements aside but I honestly don’t think there is a better lilac polish on the market that has the same colour pay off or staying power than this one. Of course it’s getting a 5/5.

20 vivid purple

Vivid purple is a very deep, rich purple polish. It has a slight shimmer to it but I think that it enhances it rather than takes away from the true colour of the polish. I would actually reckon using only one coat of this polish as because it is so dark and opaque more than one coat can make it very dark and it can look almost black. A lovely polish none-the-less 3.5/5.

21 blackberry

Blackberry is my final Gelly Hi-Shine polish so I promise I’ll stop raving about them now. This colour is actually quite similar to vivid purple except without the shimmer. Of course I think it’s a lovely colour and you aren’t as restricted with the amounts of coats you can apply of this one. Good lasting power, excellent pigmentation, can’t complain – 5/5.

22 dusky mauve

This polish is really a love/hate product. I love it but haven’t been brave enough to rock it myself. It’s a grey.mauve colour with an iridescent purple shine to it. Very unique and very beautiful. My mum has rocked this polish multiple times so let’s get her view. ‘This polish needs at least two coats but is very easy to put on and lasted quite few days without chipping.’ – Thanks mum!

23 berry ice cream

Berry Ice Cream is a lavender shade. It is a lovely colour but as you can see from the swatch. The top half of the swatch has four coats and the bottom has two so it is quite sheer. Luckily this polish is very forgiving when it comes to layering so it is easy enough to get the bottle colour on the nails. It just requires some patience and because of this I will give it 4/5.

24 bright pink

This was the second polish I think I ever bought from Barry M and I think it is the very reason that after the ‘Blue Moon’ incident I kept coming back for more. It is exactly what it says on the tin. This polish is a bright Barbie pink, it is very opaque and needs little to no help in the chipping department. Very happy with this polish although I don’t wear half as much as I should! 5/5

25 limited edition

As with the last metallic polish, this limited edition polish is a deep pink iridescent polish with a beetle-like, metallic finish. Also please excuse the mess of this bottle, it leaked all over its self! (And Blackberry if you noticed!) Very similar to the turquoise one so 4/5.

26 nude

This polish for me is a tough one. I mean it does what it says on the tin, it’s so nude I can’t see it! I mean its great if you are wanting it for a base under a French manicure as it does have a slight hint of pink to it but I bought it for the purpose of having a block nude nail polish so this polish was very disappointing. I tried layering and gave up after my seventh coat with the polish sticking up about a centimetre from my nail as it just was not working. For a French manicure 3/5. For a nail polish 1/5.

27 matt white

This white is not matte! Don’t be fooled! It is just a white polish however I bought it and wore it once. It applied fairly smoothly and had a good enough finish after applying a top coat. However the next time I went to use it – it has dried up hideously and was lumpy and gloopy and pretty much unusable. Very sad about that 1.5/5.

28 ezpresso

Although from the same collection as Crush, this polish is all types of different. In the best possible way. This polish looks, feels and acts more professional and has the most stunning finish. It is very easy to apply and you could get away with one coat but for the best effect I would suggest two. It begins to dry almost immediately and the effect is much longer lasting than Crush. One tiny fault I have is that there can be some minor chipping after a few days. No biggie though 4.5/5.

29 foil

Foil is one of Barry M nail effect polishes. It is a basic silver polish and acts as you expect. I was apprehensive as I thought it would be a marketing scheme but it has a lovely finish especially with a top coat added for extra shine. It has good lasting power and has a very smooth application. Very impressed, 5/5.

And that’s it! We have reached the end of a mammoth task. 5 hours of editing, 3 hours of writing and 29 nail polishes later. We are done!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. I would just like to mention that this post is in no way sponsored and that I didn’t buy all of these in one go! All these polishes are collected over a space of about 3-4 years! What’s your favourite brand? Have you tried any Barry M? What one is your favourite?


PS. I am so sorry this post is late! This post took forever and then when I went to upload it – of course, technology was not on my side and wasn’t uploading the pictures! Sorry again!


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