Sick Day Essentials

Hey guys!

So recently I’ve been a bit poorly and came across a few items that I really loved and that really helped me through my sickness. Obviously blankets, cosy clothes, hot chocolate and rubbish films/tv are an essential but these are just some things that you guys might be interested in!

   olbas edit

This looks like it’s some strange contraption but I swear by it when I get a cold/runny nose. Olbas Oil is such a life saver when it comes colds as when you breathe it in, it seems to just magically clear your nose (don’t ask me about the science of it all!) I found this tarte burner from the house and added some water into the pan. Along with this water I added a few drops of Olbas Oil and then lit the candle underneath. This then burns the scent and evaporates the decongesting scent into the air rather than it being concentrating in one area.

lip balm edit

Whether I’m sick or not, lip balm is always an essential. I went with a flavoured lip balm as when I’m ill I tend to not be able to taste much and therefore like the occasional taste of Fanta or CocaCola!

pet jelly edit

Okay so I know what you’re thinking! Vaseline, what? You know when you have the cold and you blow you nose so often then it started to rub raw? Apply a layer of this to the outer areas of your nose and it provides a block between the tissue and the skin to stop it from rubbing raw!

hand cream edit

When I get ill, my whole body suffers and that includes my skin. I try to give it all the nutrients it needs through body butters and especially hand creams! Something about applying a really thick hand cream just helps me to try to relax and gives me a bit of time to pamper myself.

throat sweeties edit

These are pretty obvious but I reckon that these are the things that get me through illness. Not only do they give me a small boost of sugar but it also helps to coat my throat and stop it from being so sore and tickly! Any flavour is perfect but my favourite is strawberry!

vacorub edit

Similarly to the Olbas Oil, VapoRub is great for clearing blocked noses or blocked heads. Plus you can ask for a free massage – what could be better?!

book edit

And finally, an easy read book for when you just can’t concentrate on anything else. I like to flick through some style books or magazines to get some inspiration for my style.

Those are my top products for when I’m feeling a bit lousey. How do you cope when you aren’t feeling well? What products do you use?
I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next week!


8 thoughts on “Sick Day Essentials

  1. Awww hope u feel better soon! Awww yes! I agree with u! Petroleum jelly haha & lip smacker are the best! Will def have to try your candle infuser thing though! Looks so cool & soothing!

  2. Definitely going remember these items for a rainy day! 🙂

    P.S: If you don’t mind could you please take a quick look at my blog, sorry I do realise how annoying this must be, but I’m new to the “blogosphere” 🙂

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