What I Got For Christmas 2013

Hey guys!
So this post is a little bit different, but I had quite a few requests to do this post and I always want to give you guys the content that you want so see so here it is!
Just a wee disclaimer before I start into anything: I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to get these things that I do for Christmas. I am so grateful to everyone who gave me a present this year and I do not want this post to come across like I am bragging about what I got so please don’t be offended! I wouldn’t have done this post if it wasn’t so requested and I hope it might actually be helpful to some people to maybe get some inspiration for future presents seeing as I didn’t do a gift guide this year! Also these presents are in no particular order!

   book and candles

My best friend this year got me some food (the best type of present!), these adorable hand-made candles and an ‘Up’ inspired Adventure Book! This present was so personal and would be great for anyone who is a bit of a Pixar fanatic!!

body stuff

I got a few small beauty products from other close friends. It was presented in the most beautiful bag and looks very much like a mini pamper evening in a bag! I can imagine lighting the candle after a shower to sit and paint my nails… Perfect!


After looking for what seemed like an age, I received an actual Scottish tartan scarf from my Nanny’s sister and also a Primark (my favourite!!) voucher so I can go and buy something to match!


Are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life? I have been wanting a new pair of slippers for so long but they are never normally the thing I remember to buy when I’m out shopping so when I was given these by my Nanny I was so pleased and they are also SO. WARM.

 ryan present

This one was a bit of a shock I must admit! The Percy pigs were a brilliant surprise (if you don’t know what they are – they are basically jelly sweets shaped like pigs and they are so tasty!) but the other one was a bit of a reality shock that I’m going to learn to drive next year! I think my brother paired these so I could eat my feelings about growing up!

leighann presents

Going back to the idea of a pampering evening – here’s another idea! I got this amazing Soap and Glory ‘Bright and Bubbly’ gift set and lolly pop bouquet from my brother’s girlfriend and just looking at it makes me excited for the night that I treat myself to these luxuries!!


I received these retro looking, lace-up Rocket Dog wedge heels from my auntie! I’m a bit intimidated to wear them but if you would like a post on how to style them please let me know!

Santa was very, very good to me this year and bought me lots of lovely things that I love – he must have been paying VERY close attention as all of these gifts just describe me perfectly!

art stuff

For the Art lover


For the Makeup lover


For the Fashion lover

lips and calendar

For the Beauty (and calendar?) lover

nail polish

For the Nail lover

And finally my parents who were also very kind got me just a few things that I had asked for – and one big surprise that I didn’t expect!


I’ve been wanting a bird-cage for the longest time for my room and when I saw this one it was just perfect! It combines my two loves of bird cages and candles so it creates a very atmospheric lighting to my room when the candles are lit!

heeled boots

These boots are my new favourite pair of shoes I think! They are heeled ankle boots but because the heels are so low and thick, they are so comfortable to walk in. Perfect for a teenager who is trying to transition from the flat to the heel.


The biggest surprise of the day for me was this! My parents bought me my very own tripod! Previously I used anything I could get my hands on: books, shelves, my dad’s tripod…. But now I finally have my own I feel so professional and it is standing pride of place in my room because look at it – its gorgeous!

My parents are also paying for holiday’s next year too so I am a very lucky girl!

Anyway those are all the things I got for Christmas (plus some money and chocolate!)

Again, I would like to thank every single person who got me a present this year. I am so thankful and truly hope you like the presents you got in return!
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like me to do a review/styling of anything in this post please let me know! Also I would love to see what you got from Christmas so link me to post if you’ve done one or simply type in the comments what you got for Christmas!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and will have a very happy and blessed New Year!



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