Day To Night Dresses

Hey guys!

I hope you all are doing well!
Dresses can often be seen as a one-dimensional piece that once you have worn it, it can never be restyled and reworn. This is so not true so today I’m going to show you how to transform some basic day time dresses into night time outfits perfect for a dinner date or a night in the town.


I got this dress from Primark for I think around £10 and I just love it. The colour is so unique and the floral bird pattern is just gorgeous. For the day time look I kept the outfit quite muted with a brown chunky knit cardigan from Exhibit and some brown and mint sandals. Something about this outfit is just so feminine and sweet so I love it!
For the night-time I obviously went a bit bolder and edgier with it. I took off the cardigan but stuck with the same gold belt to accentuate the waist. I then swapped out the sandals for some killer black wedges with gold detailing and then added some knee-high socks to elongate the legs and add a hint of flirtation.


I also got the next dress from Primark and it is a white skater dress with an embroidery detail on it. It is very beautiful and I love the crisp, white colour of it. I created the day look by layering a fitted top over the dress to make it look like a skirt. I then added a denim jacket and some converse to really tone down the fitted silhouette that the top and dress gave.
I swapped the denim jacket for a fitted blazer for the night time look whilst removing the top so that the dress could take centre stage. I added some matching peep toe wedges to finish the look and give it a nautical but also quite formal feel.


This blue printed dress is from H&M and in both the outfits I added some thick tights to cover my legs. Again, I went with the layering technique for the day look by adding a thin black cardigan and a white scarf with matching white converse.
To simply transform this look to night time I removed all the layers and swapped my shoes for some pretty strappy sandals. The shoes are black along with the tights so to show a difference between the two pieces the sandals are a patent leather.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?


This pinafore is from River Island and I love the versatility of it. The black floral means it goes with pretty much everything! For the day styling I added a sheer shirt along with some black tights to give a bit of a sensible look and accessorised with a spiked necklace and some chunky black boots to toughen the look up a bit.
I changed the shirt for a crop top and lost the tights to show a bit more skin but you can always keep them on if you aren’t comfortable with showing a lot of skin. Then added some nude heels to give the appearance of longer, leaner legs. This is optional but I also tied my hair up into top knot to show off the shoulders in order to show the full feminine figure.


I got this final floral dress at New Look however it has quite a low neckline which isn’t very day time appropriate so to cover that up I added a white oversized tshirt and a belt to bring back a waist line. I accessorised with an earthy toned jacket and shoes. I love this outfit as I think it is so pretty but very simple too!
Lower necklines can be more appropriate for night times so I let the dress speak for itself whilst keeping the brown belt and adding some overly obnoxious chunky heeled boots to balance out the flared, girly style of the dress.

These are all my outfit styles! Let me know which outfit was your favourite and if you have any other requests, please let me know!
Dazed&Beautiful ♥


6 thoughts on “Day To Night Dresses

  1. Brilliant outfits, I’m a huge fan of just simply changing accessories around so that I can wear the same thing for different occasions. It’s a great money saver too! 😉 Susan x

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