Glee Style Steal

Hey guys!

So to celebrate the new season of Glee starting I decided to do a Glee Style Steal, taking inspiration from each of the characters on the show and adapting it to my own wardrobe. The video is a general overview of all the outfits and where to get all the clothes but I decided that I would explain to you here why I chose each outfit to resemble each character.

Rachel’s style is very much either black or bold colours, so in this outfit I decided to stick with the main black colour palette but add in some darker and warmer tones to vary the outfit slightly. Rachel is very rarely seen in trousers or shorts so of course I went for my staple skater skirt and then tucked in a comfy black t-shirt. I thought that these dark brown patterned tights would add a bit of texture to the outfit and help to match in the beanie also. I wore the beanie to symbolise Rachel’s iconic beret as I didn’t have one myself. I finished with a pair of leather black flats to complete Rachel’s more sophisticated but still goody-goody look.

Quinn has a very bright and bold style. She works very much in the primary colours which I have tried to show across here. She is very good at accentuating her waist so that is what I have done here by using the belt to cinch in the waist of the dress but also by cuffing the sleeves of the coat to draw the eye to the smallest part of the waist. Quinn’s style is very feminine and shows off the girly side of her very well which I why I stuck with a dress as she often wears dresses. I finished with a pair of lace up wedges to highlight her maturity as her style has evolved.

I’ve gone back to old school Mercedes in this look as I personally think it is more fun! Mercedes is never afraid to flaunt what she’s got which is why I went with these daring, skin tight disco pants. Patterned tees were a staple for Mercedes so I went with this neon coloured sugar skull top which has studs on the shoulders (which you can’t see). This definitely adds a bit of edge to the look. I finished off with my body warmer as I didn’t have a waistcoat that she would normally wear and some rocking leather biker boots that just scream boldness which is exactly what Mercedes is!

Tina’s style has evolved very much from a punky/gothic style to quite feminine and flirty so I went with this pretty lace collared dress but kept the colour scheme quite dark with this navy shade. I added some pretty floral flats to link the collar to the dress. I love how simple Tina’s style is, she may only wear a few pieces but they fit together so beautifully and gracefully. Like Quinn, Tina is very good at accentuating her waist so the fit and cut of this dress is perfect for a Tina-styled look.

Finally Marley. Marley’s style is the typical girl next door – girly and simple but very put together. Something about Marley’s style makes it look like she has planned for hours on an outfit but after closer inspection it is simple layers. For this look, I layered a delicately patterned jumper in a warm tone over a denim dress to keep it casual. I allowed the collar of the dress to peek out to give a uniform feel but because it is a dress and jumper combination it remains casual. I then toned it down further with some simple white trainers.

I hope you guys liked this video! Tell me in the comments what your favourite outfit was and if you have any suggestions of what to style steal next, please let me know!



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