Colours Of The Rainbow Tag

So if any of you have been following this blog for a few months, you will remember that I did the beauty version of the Colours Of The Rainbow Tag. After that tag I asked if you would like to see a fashion version and the answer was yes! So here it is!


This is my favourite skirt. This skater style shape is very flattering on any body type and I love the wine red/burgundy colour of it, making it so versatile and very easy to wear. You will know from any of my previous fashion posts or videos that I wear this skirt to death!


I have very yellow toned skin so I do not own anything orange! This dress with a coral/orange detailing around the collar is the closest item I could think of! As you can see, this dress is very sheer so I have to wear a slip underneath but I don’t mind. This dress I find can be very easily dressed up or dressed down and that is why it is definitely one of my key pieces.


I know I’m cheating again but for the same reason as above I do not have anything yellow in my wardrobe! So I went with this gold and cream floral necklace. It has a very long chain that the pendant can move on. I love wearing this necklace with a plain tee or unpatterned top. I think it looks quite expensive and is a very simple yet girly touch to add to an outfit.


Army and camo are still huge trends (I don’t think they will ever go away!) So when I found this forest green, military style jacket going for super cheap I had to get it. It has a loose fit so I roll up the sleeves to add some structure. I think this jacket will transition really well into the autumn and winter.


I defy any girl to without a pair of boat shoes/Sperries. They are so comfortable and depending on colour can go with just about anything. I love how vivid and bright these shoes are and I adore the style of them with the tied sides and the braiding detail on the toe.


Just because summer is disappearing doesn’t mean I will be putting my crop tops away until next year! Pairing dark coloured crop tops with high waisted bottoms can become a staple for the colder months and gives your summer wardrobe a few more months of life! This vertically striped crop top has a very flattering loose fit with little buttons on the shoulders of the sleeves and the extra detail of the ties of either side.


Its finally time to get the jumpers back out and I cannot wait! I love jumpers in general because they are so easy to wear and comfortable too. Even better, this jumper is in my favourite colour ever! I always think that light coloured jumpers are a great way to stray away from the stereotypical trend of wearing darker colours all winter.


I never wear this bracelet enough. It has a very rustic and vintage charm bracelet style to it and I think this is where this bracelet gets its appeal from. It is the perfect simple arm candy to wear on its own or to stack with and the pink can blend in to an outfit but the oddly shaped wooden beads and shaped charms makes it stand out against any other bracelets.


Beanies are such a guilty pleasure for me. I have so many but I definitely love this one. It is the definition of a slouchy beanie and because of the large mount of fabric, it can be worn a lot of different ways. It is also very versatile because of the coloured wool. It goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe!

There you go! That was my fashion ‘colours of the rainbow’ tag. I tag anyone reading this and please link me in your post so I can come and read it because I would love you see your adaptations of this tag! Leave a comment of what your favourite item was!

 See you on Friday!


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