Simple Cartoon Floral Nail Design

Hey guys!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a nail art design so I though I would change that!
I wanted to do something really simple and basic so I came up with the idea of cartoonish looking flowers.
It literally took me maximum 10 minutes to do this whole nail design so I thought I would show you guys how to complete this look yourselves!

The products I used were :
W7 – Diamond Base and Top Coat
Essie – Mint Candy Apple
Sinful Colours – Folly
Barry M – Lemon Icecream
Sinful Colours – Black on Black 

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and have a great week!
Dazed&Beautiful ♥


5 thoughts on “Simple Cartoon Floral Nail Design

    1. Hey Abby!
      I would love to do that, it sounds like such a good idea!
      I will definitely check that website out 🙂 thank you x

      1. Thanks, I’m always unsure if I’m wearing things like scarves and leggings right so i end up not wearing the outfit 😦 which makes it hard to layer D:

      2. Of course! It can be difficult to fond a balance between layering and looking swaddled haha!

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