Review : Essie’s Mint Candy Apple

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday. So today I am going to be reviewing the very highly acknowledged ‘Mint Candy Apple’ by Essie. Basically, if you are even remotely on the beauty and fashion side of the internet you have heard about this polish. It is everywhere.
I bought this polish in Boots for £7.99.

bottle 3name
So let’s start with pricing and packaging. The packaging is the standard Essie square bottle with the sticker on the lid to show the name. I think the packaging is professional looking and overall very aesthetically pleasing. The pricing however I am not as pleased with. I know that there are polishes out there that can be £24 a bottle but there are also polishes out there for £2 that are very similar or even give you more product! Essie are a very well-known and trusted brand so can therefore get away with charging extra but there is just a bit of me that think that £7.99 for a polish is a bit extortionate.


Onto the colour and formula.
I have to hand it to Essie, this colour is beautiful. I love it on my nails and it truly is my idea of the perfect mint colour. It suits every skin tone and is just a stunning pastel mint that is very true to colour from the bottle. You could easily get away with one coat of this polish as it is very opaque.
The formula however, I am not so crazy about. I found that after a few swipes the polish became slightly gloopy and didn’t apply as nicely as I was expecting. After a reload of polish on the brush it was back to the nice smooth consistency but I was a little disappointed by the formula overall and it did chip within a few days.


Don’t get me wrong. I love Essie polishes. Their range of colours is second to none and as a company on the whole they are fantastic. I was just slightly disappointed with this particular polish. Maybe it was because it was so hyped up by everyone and I was so excited to get it that it would never truly match up to the standards I had in my head? Who knows.
Overall, I would say that if you have a little bit of extra money lying around then I would get this polish purely for the beauty of the colour but if you can find a dupe then get that because I think this polish is doing so well simply because of the hype and not the genuine formula and make up of this product.

I would love to hear your guys opinions on this product. Have you tried it? What did you think of it? Am I completely wrong? Comment and please let me know!



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