Light Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


Hey guys!

I’m back with another makeup tutorial today. This one was loosely inspired by Lana Del Ray as she usually wears quite a light smokey eye with a cat eye liner. Lana would usually wear a gel liner that is a lot stronger but today I substituted that with a shadow liner to soften the look and make it more everyday.


These are all the brushes I will be using today.


Start with a clean, make-up-less and moisturised face.

step 2

You can either do this step now or after the eye makeup but apply a base. Make sure you get a really flawless complexion. As it’s summer I used a light BB cream and then some concealer.

step 3

Onto the eyes. I am using my MUA Undress Me Too Palette for this look. I reviewed this palette and you can see that here. I  took the nude shadow (top left) and swept that all over the lid to give the eye lid a flawless finish and to cover any veins that might be showing. Then I took a matte brown shadow (third in from bottom right) and applied that to the crease and blended the edges out loosely. This will give a very subtle cut crease.

step 4

Next I took a lighter matt shadow and ran that under my eye in my lower lash line to balance out the cut crease.

step 5

To create the cat eye liner I used a small angled brush and ran a black shadow messily along my upper lash line as close to my eyelashes as possible. Then I created a cat eye, if you are not sure how to do this, check this tutorial.

step 6 eyes step 6 products

To add more definition to the eyes I tight lined them with a brown eyeliner pencil. I then added some white eyeliner into my inner corner to brighten the look and finally added a few coats of mascara.

step 7

This is the finished eye look.

step 8

To finish the rest of the face I contoured my face using a bronzer and then accentuated my cheek bones with some white power.

step 9

I wanted a pinky nude lip for this makeup look but didn’t have the right one so to create my own I mixed some shadow and BB to form a lipstick consistency!


I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. I love this look as an everyday look but also think it would look amazing with a gel liner for a bolder night- time look.

Please let me know if you guys recreate this look and tell me what you think down in the comments!
Have a good week!
Dazed&Beautiful ♥


4 thoughts on “Light Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Can you make a thingy with something that’s like how not to wear something (like high waisted shorts or ways to wear scarves or what to wear with it)

    1. I could do a how to wear scarves in the autumn if you would like?
      What item would you like me to do a ‘how not to wear’ on?

      1. That’d be prefect! I never know if the outfit works or not and it doesn’t matter thanks! 🙂

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