4th July Outfit Ideas

Hey guys!
So I know I said that Tuesdays were going to be for hauls, tags and reviews but I realised that I hadn’t done anything for the 4th July! How crazy! I know I don’t live in the states but I feel like I should give you guys who do some ideas!
I already have two 4th July tutorials that I did last year so I will link them at the end!
I decided to do three different outfit ideas. A casual, a semi-formal and a formal outfit so that you can take inspiration for whatever you are doing that day.

Top: New Look     Tank Top: Primark     Shorts: Primark     Shoes: Converse

This outfit would be really appropriate if you are planning on just having a relaxing day at home or if you are planning on heading to the beach! My navy striped crop top was showing a bit too much skin for my preference so I added a plain white tank underneath to cover up but you can remove this if you want. I love these bright red shorts as they are so in your face and if there was ever a time to wear them it would be Independence day!

semi formal
Top: Internationale      Dress/Skirt: Exhibit     Sandals: Primark

Semi Formal
Again we are rocking the stripes in this outfit. I paired this red striped crop top with this dipped hem dress. This vibrant blue colour looks amazing with the red and the way it ruffles as it flows down give the outfit so much dimension. The crop top ties at the smallest part of the waist so although there is a lot of fabric in this outfit it still give the illusion of an hourglass figure. I finished off the look with these white ankle strapped sandals. This outfit would look amazing at a family barbecue or a party.

Dress: Missguided      Blazer: Primark     Shoes: Spanish Boutique

Finally this bright red lace dress was a must for the fourth of July! It’s quite short so I added this fitted navy blazer with cream piping to cover up the top half of my body to create some balance as there is a lot of leg on show! I enhanced the legs by adding these amazing navy wedges with red, white and navy striped on them. If that isn’t American I don’t know what is!

That’s it! I know these outfits are pretty full on America but I hope that even if you don’t go all red, white and blue that you can take aspects from each outfit! Let me know if you use any of these ideas for your outfit choice on Thursday!
I have a tutorial on how to do 4th of July inspired nails which you can check out here and I have a 4th of July make up tutorial here.

I hope you have an amazing 4th of July whatever you are doing!


6 thoughts on “4th July Outfit Ideas

  1. I love the second outfit. It’s so cute. You might want to wear some spandex shorts under that red dress in case it starts riding up. It’s definitely short!

    1. I’m so glad you like it!
      I think that sounds like a good idea! My legs are so long that it would be perfect length on anyone else!

      1. I’m a little bit taller than average (5’8). I know how you feel though. Finding clothes that aren’t too long or too short would be so much easier if I wasn’t trapped between average height and tall. 😉 They need clothing line for somewhat tall people.

      2. You’re the same height as me! I completely agree! To get the right length I have to compromise on fit! 😦

      3. Because we are like right between average, 5’5 or so and tall 6’0+! Sigh. First world problems. 😉

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