Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette


Hey guys! I know, I know it’s Tuesday! What’s going on? Well, I am officially off for summer now so I am going to start posting twice a week! My Friday posts will remain normal don’t worry! On Tuesday’s however I would like to start doing reviews, tags and hauls! So today as you can tell from the title, I will be reviewing an eye shadow palette from MUA. It is the ‘Undress Me Too Palette’ and I bought it for £4 in Superdrug.

colours 2

There is a total of 12 colours in the palette and there is a mixture of bold metallic and soft matte shadows all in neutral or gold tones.


I really like the packaging to this product as I think it is very sleek and shows off the colours in the palette really well.

swatch 1

This a swatch of the top row of shadows in the palette. The colours are really highly pigmented and this is only two swipes of the shadow.
Naked is a really matte skin coloured shadow that is a really good match to most skin tones ands works well as a base to hide any veins in the lids.
Devotion is a beautiful metallic gold colour that is similar to MAC’s ‘Woodwinked’.
Shy is a slightly darker tone of Naked with the same properties.
Fiery is a copper metallic shadow that is so pigmented and strong that I just love how in your face it is!
Lavish is the lighter of the two brown matte shadows in this palette and would be really lovely as a smoked out liner.
The final colour in the top row is Dreamy it is a stunning dark gold metallic. It is a darker, more blackened version of Devotion.

swatch 2

Most of the colours on the bottom row of the palette are darker metallic colours more appropriate for a night-time look.
Tranquil is a bronze-y gold shimmer shadow. It doesn’t have quite as much shimmer as some of the more metallic colours but it has great colour pay off.
Exposed is the metallic grey of the palette and is a beautiful charcoal, smokey grey. I imagine this colour to look amazing on most eye colours and really make them pop.
Reveal is a taupe light shimmery colour that has a slight grey/brown undertone. This is definitely one of my favourite colours in the palette.
Wink is a bronze metallic with a hint of copper. It is again very highly pigmented with a large amount of shimmer.
Obsessed is the only matte on the bottom row of shadows and it is the darker brown. It is not quite as matte as Lavish but it is a great smokey colour nonetheless.
Corrupt is the black shadow of the palette and I must say it is the only disappointing shadow in the palette. It would such a nice black shadow but it is just so dusty and there is just no colour to it at all. The swatch in the photo above has 5 vigorous swipes and as you can see it has only just shown up enough to be photographed.


Overall I really like this palette and I feel it could be a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. The only disappointing shadow as previously mentioned is the black shadow.
The palette comes with a double ended brush too so it is a great starter kit as it is cheap and affordable!

I hope you enjoyed this review and it wasn’t too out of the ordinary for you! I will be back on Friday! See you then!



3 thoughts on “Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette

  1. I have wondered about these pro palettes. It sounds strange but the price being so low has always put me off. The colours look similar to some of the ones in the Naked palette, when I’ve used it all up I might consider the MUA one now. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Honestly I would say it was never going to be as good as the Naked Palette because Urban Decay is a higher quality brand but I must say I was and and still truly impressed by how well this palette preforms for the price! Let me know what you think 😀

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