5 Ways To Style Denim

Hello lovelies!

Denim maybe the most versatile fabric ever and with it being one of the most common trends this year I thought a styling post would be the perfect way to demonstrate how many different way you can co-ordinate denim into your wardrobe.

outfit b cr
Top: Primark     Jeans: Primark     Shoes: Converse    Nails: Mint Candy Apple by Essie
Obviously the most common way to wear denim is as jeans! Denim jeans have been around since the dawn of time and they will just never go out of style. Denim jeans are normally classified as being quite casual so that’s how I kept it with this outfit, pairing it with just a bright, patterned tank top. As I would wear this outfit out to go shopping or something more casual I kept the footwear comfy with my trusty white converse.

 outfit a cr
Jacket: Vintage  from Mum   Top: DIY   Skirt: Internationale    Shoes: Primark
So the next most common denim item is the denim jacket. Like the jeans, they will never go out of style and is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Personally, I think that the vintage denim jackets are far better than the ones being sold today so either ask your mum (or dad) if they have one or have a look in a charity shop! As my jacket is a little bit too big I rolled up the sleeves to give the appearance of a more tailored look and kept the rest of the outfit more form-fitting. I paired this ying and yang crop top with a burgundy high-waisted skirt to give the outfit a pop of colour. By pairing a crop top with a high-waisted bottom it draws the eye to the smallest part of the waist giving the illusion of an hourglass figure. And because I didn’t want this outfit to be too girly I added these studded flats.

outfit c cr
Shirt: Primark    Top: Charity Shop    Shorts: Primark    Shoes: Converse
Some people believe that denim shirts are really only for guys but I completely disagree! I love my denim shirt and can wear it so many different ways! In this particular outfit I kept the shirt open to display my floral top but tucked the loose ends into my lilac shorts. I then added some tights to warm up the outfit a bit and then kept it comfy again with my converse.

outfit d cr
Shirt: New Look     Playsuit: H&M     Belt: H&M      Shoes: Primark
This outfit is definitely my favourite! I think it looks so vintage! I wore this sleeveless playsuit with a sheer cream shirt underneath to add a touch of warmth. I think it gives the busy floral playsuit some class and make it look more fancy. I cinched in my waist with this thin brown belt and again added some tights as another piece of layering. To finish off the look I wore some adorable denim brogues/oxfords. I think these shoes are so sweet and I do not wear them enough! outfit e cr
Dress: Primark   Bandeau: New Look   Belt: H&M   Socks: Topshop    Shoes: New Look
The final piece I will be styling today is this denim dress! When you hear the term denim dress some people may run a mile but I really like this one as it is fitted at the waist and has a really pretty lace panel over the shoulders and down the back. I kept this outfit very simple and girly to keep the dress the main focus. You could wear this dress open or closed, I wore it open in this outfit and added a burgundy bandeau underneath to add some interest. I cinched in the waist again with this brown belt and then matched this to my shoes with these ankle boots. To add some interest as there is a lot of leg I added some pretty frilly lace socks to finish the look.

Hopefully this styling tutorial has helped you to get some inspiration on how to incorporate denim into your wardrobe this summer! Please let me know in the comments what outfit you liked best or if there are any other fashion pieces you would like me to style!
See you next week!
Dazed&Beautiful x


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