DIY: Tattoo Tights


After watching a video on YouTube I was inspired to make these tights that give the effect of having a tattoo on your leg! They are pretty simple to make after you have worked out the calculations (these are straight-forward so don’t let that put you off!)

what youll need tattoo tights copyright

You will need some card, your selected design printed or drawn on a piece of paper, some scissors, tape, a pair of light denier nude tights and some permanent markers!

step 2

Start with the piece of card and wrap it around the part of your leg where you want the tattoo to sit.

step 3

Then measure the length down the tight leg (be aware that the tights stretch a huge amount so if you need to put the tights on to judge, do so.) and place the card, this should stretch the tights the right amount. Add the design on top of the card so you can see it through the tights.

step 4

Using your marker, trace the design onto the tights. I suggest to use a dotting motion rather than a sketching motion as you will get the best colour pay off from that! Sometimes it might not look like any product coming out but I can assure you that it will!

 the end

I would suggest to wait at least ten minutes to fully allow the ink to dry before putting them on. After that they should be good to go! I’m not sure how well these cope through washing but I imagine they should be fine! If you try this out and wash them, please comment and let me know!

Personalised tattoo tights are about £15/$20 on the internet so by using this method you can get your own tights exactly how you like them for a fraction of the cost!
See you next week!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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