French Manicure

Hello lovelies!
Finally Mr Sun has shown his face and whilst summer is a great time to crack open the brightly coloured polish sometimes its nice to just keep it subtle and classy. French manicures are sometimes hard to do but this tutorial should simplify it and make it really easy to complete.

the end manicure

what youll need

You really only need two colours for a manicure but I think that using a nude or a light pink makes the nails look really polished and professional.

step 1 manicure

Start by filing and shaping your nails (if you would like a tutorial on this please let me know!) and then apply a base coat.

step 2 manicure

Then depending on the colour payoff of your polish, add a few coats of nude polish.

step 3 manicure

Allow the polish to completely dry before trying to add the tips. There are two techniques to create a perfect manicure tip. The first method is pictured above. Start with the white polish and swipe it diagonally up across half the nail. Then repeat in the opposite direction and they should meet perfectly in the middle. Adjust the base shape if you’re not happy with it.

step 4 manicure

The other method is by sticking a circular sticker or a ring reinforcer on the nail where the bottom of the tip would be and then painting the tip and peeling off the sticker when the polish becomes tacky.

start manicure

Wait for the polish and tips to dry and then add a top coat to seal in the design and keep it put for at least a week! The great thing about a French manicure is that it looks so detailed but is actually so simple, it goes with everything and it could make you look more tanned throughout the summer!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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