5 Ways To Style Knee High Socks

I have always found knee-high socks difficult to style and wear but recently I’ve been seeing many people style them in such simple ways! As it’s the transition from Spring to Summer, here in the UK its getting hotter but it’s still too cold to go completely bare-legged, so I found that knee highs are a great in between.


Outfit One

This is definitely my favourite out of all of the outfits in today’s post! It’s just so simple but also feminine and sweet! Make sure that if you are going for a feminine look with a dress that you need to stick to a colour pallet. In this example, I’ve stuck to very earthy tones so its works quite harmoniously.


Outfit Two

Skirts and knee highs go exceptionally well together as long as there is balance. As you’re showing a bit of leg on the bottom half, cover up on top with a jumper or an over-sized t-shirt. You can still give the illusion of an hour-glass figure by tucking the shirt into the skirt. See how to make the shirt here.


Outfit Three

If you’re going for a patterned sock then keep the rest of the outfit in block colours. Again I went with the skirt option but kept it simple by adding a pop of colour with this turquoise top. See how I made this shirt here.


Outfit Four

This outfit is so fun and laid back and grungy. Layering is a great way to wear knee highs if you aren’t comfortable showing skin. Add a pair of ripped up tights under knee highs and add a pair of boots for a biker chick feel.


Outfit Five

The general pairing for knee highs is with some combat boots or some ankle boots. But that’s not always the case. In outfit one I paired it with some flats and so in this outfit I thought I’d pair some converse with my knee/thigh highs. This outfit is so casual but still different because of the knee high socks adding a bit of interest!

That’s all the looks I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this styling post and can get some ideas on how to style those knee highs!

Dazed&Beautiful x


6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Style Knee High Socks

    1. Im glad you liked it!
      Thanks for the advice! This was back when I used my compact. I have a better camera now so hopefully that have improved the quality! 🙂 xx

  1. omg i think i’m gonna bookmark this page for when i get out of living with my family, i’d love to wear outfits like these, well done!!

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