Hairband Styles

I love my hair some days but hate it the next day and just want it out of my face. Hairbands are the perfect way to do that but not many people know that you can do loads of styles with a hairband! This tutorial will show you how to do just four of the endless styles you can do with hairbands.

Top Knot

First, I put my hair in a messy top knot and you can find out how to do a messy bun here. Then I found this floral wire hairband and just wrapped it around my head with a bow at the top. And that’s it! The first style is done.

 Plait Hairband

For the second style I started with all of my hair down. Then I separated a piece of hair from behind my ear. Braid this section, but try to hold it vertically and braid it so that it will sit flush along the hair when you are finished. Bring the strand of hair over your head and bobby pin in place. As you can tell, this will only work for people with long hair. Try this design with two braids, one coming from either side!

Fabric Plait

For this style I brought all my hair to one side and then tied a fabric scarf around my head. I split my hair into two sections and then braided my hair with the two sections of hair and the fabric. Then tie off the end and that’s it!

Daisy Twist

This final hairstyle is definitely my favourite! I started with all my hair down and then placed this daisy hairband over my head. I grabbed the rest of my hair and tucked it over and under the elastic part of the hairband to create this super fancy looking up do.

These are all the hairstyles I could think of that would work with my hairbands but I am sure you can adapt them to whatever you have! I hope you found this tutorial helpful and can get some inspiration from it!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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