Smokey Eye Makeup


Today’s tutorial is how to do the classic smokey eye, this makeup is totally wearable for day or night and can be adapted to preference. Although it may be scary for beginners once you know the technique, you can fly through a smokey eye in no time at all!


For beginners, I made this chart so throughout this tutorial when I am talking about the crease or outer V or lid, you know where I am referring to. The lid is the skin that covers your eye when your eyes are closed. The crease is the dip in the skin between the lid and the brow bone and the outer V is in the sideward ‘V’ portion of your eye.

step 1.

Start with a clean face, if you are going to apply foundation, apply it after you have completed the smokey as there might be fall out from the eye shadow.

step 3.

Taking a flesh toned colour, apply it all over the lid area right up to the eye brow and also under the eye too.

step 4.

Next, take your lid colour and apply it all over the lid up to, but not on, the crease. I chose this light, shimmery gold.

step 5.

Then, taking your second darkest colour, put it on a fluffy brush and apply that in the crease. It is easiest to do this by looking into a mirror with your eye open and then just placing the brush in the dip and blending it back and forth. I used a shimmery brown colour for my crease.

step 6.

Then, select your darkest colour and take that on a slightly smaller fluffy brush and apply that onto the outer V. Try to blend the colour in as much as your can to make the colours look like they are blending into each other. I chose a dark brown/purple colour for my outer V

 step 7.
Go back to your crease colour and with a small brush go under the lines, not on the water line. Take the colour about half way and then blend the rest out along the lash line.

step 8.

Finally, taking a matt black eye shadow and a really small brush, press the shadow along the upper and bottom lash lines, this will really define the eyes. Don’t use a liquid eyeliner for this as it will be too harsh.

step 9.

Apply a black eyeliner to the water line and tight line of the eye to give it a crisp, clean look and then apply mascara.

the end.

That’s it! A step by step tutorial on how to create the classic smokey eye. I hope you find this tutorial helpful as a smokey eye can be hard to achieve for beginners and takes a bit of practice but it looks great in the end! (And because it is such a blended look, if you make a mistake, you can just blend over it and try again!)

I’d also like to mention that today is my One Year Anniversary on Dazed&Beautiful! I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone and 70 posts later I’m still loving every minute of it! Thank you to those who come back week after week and even if it’s your first time visiting, thank you for stopping by!

Dazed&Beautiful x


4 thoughts on “Smokey Eye Makeup

  1. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! You put up some great tutorials, and I love everything about your website! I am looking forward for your next tutorial.

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