Spring/Summer Trends 2013

     Spring is finally here and with most of the Fashion Weeks being over for this season, the key Spring/Summer trends have arrived! I’ve put together some outfits from pieces I already had to try to illustrate these trends! I hope you can find some inspiration from these outfits and adapt them to your style!

bold prints copyright

1. Bold Prints

Spring/Summer is always the time to get away with wearing bright and bold prints but it was especially dominant on this year’s catwalk. Floral, tribal and dog-tooth all made an appearance. To wear this trend I would suggest having one key item in the outfit that has a bold stand out print and then keep the rest of the outfit quite neutral. Try wearing block colours that are incorporated into the colour scheme of the printed piece, this will tie the whole look together.

LEATHER copyright

2. Leather

Leather will never go out of fashion but this year it is back in full force! It is so timeless and chic that it can be pulled off in so many ways. The easiest way I found to style it was with the standard leather jacket or the biker boots. Leather can be quite over powering if too much is placed in one outfit so be sure to balance the dark and heavy tones of leather with a lighter and brighter mixture of fabrics too to make the outfit more interesting.

monochrome copyright

3. Monochrome

Possibly one of the safest trends there will ever be. No-body looks bad in black and white. Black is known to be the most slimming colour and white really gives the body shape and dimension. The only tricky bit about monochrome is getting the balance of the two colour right. From experience, I feel it is better to have more black in the outfit than white as it is a lot more forgiving so try sticking to a black base with a skirt or some trousers and then add the accent of white on the torso. Monochrome is effortlessly classy and should be a staple in everybody’s wardrobe.

neon copyright

4. Brights/Neon

This trend I must admit is tricky for me because I am not a great fan of neon, so instead I decided to opt for the bright aspect of this trend. This trend is similar to the monochrome as it is all about the balancing of the colour palette. I went all out with this outfit but I made sure all the bright pieces in this outfit were in the same colour scheme and matched.

ombre copyright

5. Ombré

   Ombré is absolutely massive this spring/summer with practically everything from clothes to hair being ombréd! Ombré is super easy to style, with there being only one rule. One piece at a time. Never mix and match two ombré pieces. I have three tutorials on how to dip dye clothes, jewellery and jeans so you don’t have to spend a fortune on having the latest trends.

the 90s gryunge copyright

6. 90’s

This trend is my all time favourite. 90’s grunge is the easiest style to pull off. Embrace your inner Kelly Kapowski and rock the branded tees, anything denim and the converse. Dungarees and phrase t-shirts are all part of this trend aswell. Have a rummage around your mum or auntie’s old stuff to find the best vintage pieces. Actual 90’s clothes are so much better than the 2013-wannabe-1990’s clothing in the shop.

Those are the top 6 trends that I found on the runway and high street this year. I hope you liked my outfits and found this helpful. Remember to wear what you feel most comfortable and confident with!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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