DIY : Bow Back Shirt


Finally the weather has become more spring like, so although it’s not quite ‘shorts’ weather where I live, it is certainly getting to the stage of being able to wear t-shirts. Today’s tutorial will show how easy it is to make this adorable bow t-shirt that looks completely normal from the front but with a bit of a twist at the back!

step 1

Start off with your t-shirt lying flat on the ground, flip it over so that the back of the shirt is facing up. Make sure there are no bumps and it is completely flat.

step 2

Next, taking a piece of chalk or something that will temporarily mark the fabric, draw a few lines of equal distance down the back of the shirt, I made 4 markings. Create a very thin oval shape around this mark.

step 3

Make an incision and begin to cut out the oval shape. Be sure to not go too close to the edges of the fabric and keep the scraps of fabric that you cut out. Then stretch the ovals to curl the edges and make it look neater.

step 4

Taking the scraps of fabric, cut them into rectangular shapes.

step 5

Going back to the shirt, take the section between the two cut out portions and pinch them together to get a nice, ruffled design. Then using the rectangular portions that you cut out previously, wrap it tightly around the centre of the ‘bow’.

step 6

To secure it, simply flip the section to the inside of the shirt and use fabric glue or give it a quick sew to secure the portion in place!

step 7

Repeat this step with all the sections right down to the bottom of the shirt.

the end

I adore this t-shirt now. I think it is so unique and pretty and is a great way to wear cool clothes on hot days without showing too much skin. It can also be done on any t-shirt that you like! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any requests, leave them on the feedback page and I would be happy to give it a go! Have a great week!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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