Chinese New Year Makeup


It’s been Chinese New Year recently so since their culture is so beautiful and inspiring I decided to do a make up look that although a bit extreme is perfect for the festivities involved in the Chinese New Year!

step 1

I started off with a ‘blank canvas’. This is the point to apply your base (foundation and concealer).

step 2

Since I don’t wear foundation I gave my face a light dusting of a white eyeshadow and this mimics the super pale skin of the Geisha. Of course you can skip this step or just apply a lighter foundation if you have one.

step 3

Next I took this bright red eyeshadow and applied it to my lids, taking it just up to the crease and then stopping.

step 4
To add more definition and dimension to the eyes I mixed the previous red with a darker burgundy colour and applied this along my upper eyelash and through my crease and outer ‘V’. This allows the brightest of the colour to appear in the centre of the lid and this gives the eye the illusion of being larger and more rounded.

step 5
Taking that same burgundy colour, I mixed it with a  light brown and with a small detail brush applied this under my water line on my lower lash line. I only took the pigment half way from the outer corner in and then smudged the rest with a clean brush to give a smokey look.

step 6

Then with a liquid liner, thinly line the top lash line without extending it.


Using that eyeliner again, bring it down from the inner corner of the eye and create a point. This represents a snake tail as it is the Chinese year of the Snake.

step 8

To finish off the eyeliner create a double wing on the outer corner and this will represent a snake tounge whilst still sticking with the Chinese tradition of winged liner. I then lined the water line and tight line with a black eyeliner and used a white eyeliner under the point to add a highlight. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

step 10

This step is optional but I thought it was quite cute. I took the Chinese symbols for 2013 and drew them using an eyeliner pen. This was my reference.

the end

And that’s it!
I love this eye make up look and think it would be perfect for even a night out if you switched up the colours!


Dazed&Beautiful x (茫然和美丽)


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