‘So Many Clothes, Nothing To Wear!’

    So often people say that they have no clothes, the truth is we have too many clothes that we tend to stick to the new exciting favourites. Why not take some of the old classics and basics and revamp them again! This tutorial will show you how to do it with clothes that you already have in your wardrobe. Although you may not have every piece of clothing I have, you can adapt the ideas to fit your wardrobe and style. These outfits are only for inspiration!


Outfit 1
This outfit starts with basics of a pure white tank and some black leggings. Then I added a coloured jacket, this can be a cardigan too. As it is still quite cold, I layered with a body warmer/gilet to keep the outfit warm. A beige infinity scarf was the perfect accessory for this outfit to keep it casual and warm. I finished the look with some black combat boots and cosy socks. This look isn’t very formal but it is perfect for going to the shop or just running a few errands.


Outfit 2
Everyone in their wardrobe has at least one block colour dress and probably never wears it. This is the case with this simple, red dress that I have. I got it in a sale but don’t like the low neck line. By pairing it with a jumper, it covers the top section that I don’t like and transforms the dress into a skirt. Next is some thick woolly tights for the winter days and then adding a leather jacket with matching leather studded shoes to give this cute outfit a bit more of an edge. This look can be worn either day-to-day or for slightly more formal events too. Adding a pair of heels and a coat would transform this outfit completely.


Outfit 3
This outfit is started off with a black skirt and a white bandeau. You can substitute this for a white tank if you don’t have one, or feel comfortable with wearing one. Next, I layered with this sheer top that has a detailed collar, because of the detailed collar I put my hair up to show it off. Again, I added tights because it is freezing here and then I added some dainty boat shoes that are in the same colour as the detail on the collar. This is quite a feminine outfit so you could add a black cardigan and that would be the outfit completed but I added my favourite leather jacket just because I wear it with everything!


Outfit 4
Everyone has at least one pair of jeans that they love! These skinnies are mine. Pair it with a collared top and then layer with a pretty jumper that matches with the collar, make sure that the collar is peeking out over the jumper neck line. I added some floral boat shoes for this look to make it more feminine but I think any shoes would look good with this! I finished by adding my thick, navy coat to finish the look. This is the perfect shopping outfit and I love it!


Outfit 5
Finally, I started with printed shorts with a black tank tucked in. To keep the outfit neutral I added some black tights and because I love layering I then added a denim shirt over the top but kept it open. I have a new-found love for beanies so I added a beanie that matched the colour scheme of my shorts and finished off the look with some brown boots. By removing the beanie and swapping the brown boots for heels, this outfit can be turned into a completely classic, chic outfit.

That was all my outfit ideas for the final few weeks of winter! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and never feel the need to say ‘I have nothing to wear!’ again!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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